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    If the Germans take Ango Egypt-Sudan their fist move and the Allies have a chance to do some damage to Japan on the first turn, what should the United Kingdom do? Should they build an industrial complex in India or somewhere in Africa, Union of South Africa maybe? Plus, if the Allies do have a chance to hurt Japan on the mainland, should you evacuate the Indian troops to Africa, or should you keep them there to fight the Japanese? I appreciate any help given 😄 . Thanks 😄 😄 .

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    A Factory in Union of South Africa in my opinion is not a good bid…after Africa is in your hand what can you do with it? It’s too far from japan to be worthwhile… I’d say India and play with Scorched earth… 😉 :roll: :lol: 😎

  • I suggest to NOT evacuate India (3 ipcs is to much of a loss/gain for UK/Japan). US should be able to liberate Africa … so, I (pretty much) leave that to them. As UK, there are a few things that work … but, it’s all a matter of circumstance. The India IC is a possibility – but, to be worth it – it requires the support of Russia and what ever US troops survive Japan 1 turn. Also, if Japan is moving towards expansion in the Pacific … this is usually the time for the India IC (but again – this requires the Allies to work together on defending India). The other role (and perhaps most useful) is helping the US establish the shuck-shuck. This is crucial and should be the priority to ensure Russia’s survival. A British Aircraft Carrier is a valuable thing (with the addition of 2 US fighters that very turn – of course). From there … it’s just a matter of purchasing transports and infantry.

  • As the UK ignore Japan… concentrate on getting troops to Russia to help forestall any German offensive. Let the US take back your territories in Africa so that you have some cash flow again and then either take Fin/Nwy or chip away at WEu. Get a few fighters to shore up the Russian Eastern Front and force the Germans to pay attention to something other than Karelia 😄

    After Germany is contained (i.e. they no longer have the capability to effectively launch offensives), start moving troops either through Russia or get a second fleet up and move against Japan via India/ Australia.

  • It depends whether Germany took ASE using the Seu fighter or a bid armor on one hand, or using an amphibious assault. If they were dumb enough to do the amphibious assault, you should hit their fleet with your india fighter and your bomber. The result will likely be total annhilation, leaving Germany with no fleet and Africa easy to liberate. In this case, building the India IC is probably a good thing since it’ll only be threatened from one side, though it will be a bit weak until you can move more fighters in. On the other hand, if Germany didn’t do an amphibious assault, the India IC would be too vulnerable to a 1-2 punch so you should just build a carrier and start trying to retake Africa.

  • I think it’s a good idea to build an IC in SA. Placing 2 tanks per turn will quickly liberate Africa and then the tanks can be moved to fight Japan. An IC costs less than 2 transports. Building an IC in India is too risky. Japan might take it turn 1 or 2 and definately can by turn 3.

  • I agree with Kidhorn that an India IC is dangerous, but S.Af can’t do anything: two tanks a turn, yes, but it will take them so long to get up there that Japan will be threatening Moscow, and you’ve been cutting the shuck out of 10 IPC’s a turn for NOTHING!!! Of course, an IC is cheaper than two trannys, but the India fighter and the Syria inf can retake AES anyways . . . so don’t bother.

  • I’ve only tried the S. African IC once, and I did it simultaneously with an IC in SIN for US. Needless to say – Africa was UK for the rest of the game. Also, I ended up purchasing an additional IC for UK in Egypt. I barely hung on to the SIN IC and really never had any shuck-shuck going on to support Russia. UK built tons of fighters and simply landed them in KAR and SIN. Russia was able to contribute infantry to SIN, while the US pumped out a couple of fighters a turn from SIN and slowly built up a navy to sink the Japanese fleet. Japan had to pretty much focus on the SIN IC, so Russia’s IPC level stayed relatively high (with the addition of FIN and UKR territories). This entire game was basically a “Japan first” strategy.

    One thing I might add is the following: holding Africa (and mainly keeping Germany’s IPC level minimal) – is definitely worth the 15 IPC’s for the IC. Germany has no chance in taking over Africa.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Thanks for all of the help everyone :D. I appreciate it and God bless 😄 😄 😄 .

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