Any AA Global Players in Edmonton?

  • Any AA Global Players in Edmonton, or within a couple hours of Edmonton?

  • Not saying you are.  I know Edmonton itself is a big(ish) city, but man if you’re rural it must suck trying to find opponents for face to face games.

    BTW. I’m in Toronto, probably a little outside you commute.  :lol:

  • I’m in Edmonton itself. It’s big, not Toronto big though LOL. It’s easy enough to get around though, and I’d be willing to travel a bit if it meant getting a face to face game in every few months. I’m trying to find hobby shops where I may find other players, but so far, no luck. Toronto is a pretty cool place though. I grew up a few hours south in London, ON. A lot of my friends back home play the game, so we usually get a game or two in when I go back to visit, but that’s usually only twice a year. Not enough for me!!

  • Yah, Edmonton is Central Canada big.  Nice city though.  Great patch of Canada and a beautiful Province.  Want to plan a fishing trip up north there some time in the future.

    I figure Calgary is probably a bit out of your range, but when I lived there there were a couple of Hobby Shops.  One I remember had a gaming room.  Can’t for the life or me remember where it was or what it’s name was.

    Good luck to you.

  • Customizer

    I’m in Edmonton.  I live on the south side right beside South Common.  I heard from Redtaz that he contacted you as well.

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