• I’m seeing references to “bids”… is that just giving one side or another extra pieces at the start of the game, or what?

  • basically.

    Whichever side (axis or allies) seems to be the underdog, the players “bid” for who gets to play as them. But with the addition of however many extra IPCs they would need for it to be fair in their opinion.

    For instance, if the axis is the underdog (usually the losing team)
    I might say “ill play as the axis if I can start with 10 IPCs of stuff”
    You on the other hand might think they need 15 IPCs worth of stuff

    We write down secretly what number they think they need and whoever is lower wins.
    So you are asking for free units….and whoever asks for less gets the free units but has to play as the underdog.

    Ive never actually done it, but thats how I understand it is done.

  • Okay, gotcha. Thanks!

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