What is the best use of the american units in the PI ?

  • I’m wondering what others do here.

    Is it best to leave them there and try and cost the japanese dearly ? (does anyone attempt to reinforce with planes)


    Is it better to flee in USA1 ?
    if so where to go?

    does the fighter go to guam to
    a) make guam harder to take and
    b) give Japan worries with covering their transports

    do the sea units go to Aus or head to pearl ??

  • TripleA

    depends on japan setup.

    do not use usa dd to block for india or new south wales (japan can declare war on just uk / anzac and ignore usa on his attacks).

    I do use usa dd to block for some dutch islands sometimes. Like say Japan sets up in carolines… I keep usa dd right where it is to block japan from isles. I use uk pac dd and anzac dd to block  the other lanes. I take java and sumatra.

    Why do I block? sure -24 for me but not +8 for japan and get to bank 8 more next turn for uk pac and anzac… at the same time it sets japan back… now japs got to take more islands the next round and try to defend each location.

    Really depends though. sometimes I bring it strait down or I bring it toward uk pac or I bring it toward anzac.

    Depends on how many battles I want to line up for Japan on his next turn.

    Fighting Japan works like this, you either A) move all the allies in at the same time so Japan can’t fight everything. B) you don’t give him any big battles.

  • I would usually send destroyer and sub next to Queensland and the fighter lands on the US carrier moved next to Johnston island.

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    I would move the Naval units south to Australia too.

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