Shore Bombardment

  • Hey everyone,

    So there are a couple of things which I feel are not properly explained in the manual, or at least they are not clarified.

    1. Can allied battleships take part in a shore bombardment? If German transports are conducting an amphibious assault, can Japanese battleships conduct shore bombardment to aid them if they are in the same sea zone?

    2. Can you have a naval battle AND an amphibious assault during the same turn?

    Thanks everyone.

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    1)  No.  Only your own battleships may conduct shore bombardment.  Allied warships watch the action and do not participate.
    2)  No.  If your fleet engages in a naval battle, then they may not simultaniously conduct shore bombardment.  If there are defending ships, then your warships are stuck fighting them to clear the way for your transports.

  • Official Q&A

    You can have a sea battle to clear the way for an amphibious assault in the same turn, if the sea battle is in the sea zone from which the assault will take place and not an intervening sea zone.  As Cmdr Jennifer said, if there is a battle to clear the sea zone, your ships may not bombard in support of the amphibious assault.

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