Historically accurate setup

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    I can’t wait to see this finished result.

  • whats the LOL for?

    and ive taken a break if u guys cant tell lmfao.

    probably until info on the luftwaffe and russia turns up so i can finish em.

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    Im working on a 1939 map file to compliment the data. However, some of the area names on the map will be changed ( to be Historical). Once you got the setup complete, you should look at changes to how units rate by nation and study the positional situation, looking for problems where due to the turn sequence some nations might have an unfair advantage.

    Secondly, I will change the IPC values somewhat from data i have from author Mark Harrison ( he wrote The Economies of World War Two) so they are more realistic. I would work on the national unit value list ( using d12) and employing all the HBG units ( well most of them). ON a whole the changes would not be drastic.

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    Anyone have access to naval ports and airfields during WW2 1936-1945?

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    access to naval ports and airfields during WW2 1936-1945?

    What do you mean? locations?

    The list for airfields would be nearly 1,200
    Ports perhaps 250

    Perhaps the main military ports and main airfields?

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    Just ordered the Maddison book. I have a plug in value in mind that i feel best emulates the IPC values and how they were applied to AA games.

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    here is a 2009 post from me at HGD: ( note this applies to when AA50 came out)

    All you have to do to extrapolate these GDP numbers is to divide the GDP by 15

    using 1941 numbers:
    Axis: 911 divided by 15= 60.73

    Allies: 1798 divided by 15= 119.86

    IN AA50 the axis are at 60 total

    IN AA50 the allies are at 112 total

    This is why the game is somewhat accurate, and the balancing is all force projection with the advantage going to the axis, and the US and UK player facing the commitment of their forces all over the map.

    For 1940 you have to make additional considerations because the game will have say 50% more territories than AA50, so the number you divide will be smaller and the total will be greater in the game so that you don’t have too many worthless territories.

    So lets do June 4th, 1940:

    Germany: 387, plus Poland 76.6, Czecho-Slovakia 30.3, Netherlands 44.5, Belgium 39.6, Norway 11.6, Denmark 20.9, Austria 27=637.5

    42.5 IPC

    Italy:147 = 9.8 IPC

    Japan: 192= 12.8 IPC

    USA: 943
    US colonies: 23.9
    Total: 966.9= 64.4 IPC

    UK: 316
    UK colonies 14.4
    Total 330.4= 22 IPC

    France 82
    French colonies 10.9
    Total 92.9= 6.2 IPC

    USSR 417
    Baltic states 12.9
    Total 429.9= 28.6 IPC

    Now you have to account for peace time status vs. total war mobilization for both USA and USSR. The amount of GDP used for wartime purposes was at least twice as great for the current belligerents than neutrals. So i would put USA and USSR at 50% rate with the difference going to domestic purposes.

    So problem solved. Game balanced unless your trying to make the game unhistorical with notions that the axis had ZERO chance to win, which is a bogus argument even by economics.

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