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    Does anyone know of a setup for global that starts in 1942? Seems to me that was kind of a turning point and would make a better global game than 1940 with its first 5 rounds of axis thumping on the allies.

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    This scenario begins in Dec 1941 with the japanese attack at Hawaii. Germany is on the gates of Moscow and pushing her last strength to capture Moscow.

    IPC record sheet for Global 42:

    This is the lend lease mobilization box:

    Set ups:




    Soviet Union:

    USA: China/ ANZAC


    Global 1942: Quick Start Guide

    This module uses Alpha 2 and original out of the box rules unless specified here. This scenario begins in Dec 1941 with the Japanese attack at Hawaii. Germany is at the gates of Moscow and pushing her last strength to capture Moscow.

    1. Japanese Surprise Attack: On the first turn all Allied Naval and Air units on the Pacific maps defend at ONE against Japanese attacks. Land units fight normally.

    2. Soviet-Japanese Non aggression Pact: The Japanese may attack the Soviets only by announcing one turn before this intention. The Soviets can attack Japan only if all Soviet territories are under Soviet control. Note: if Japan attacks the Soviet Union any Mongolian forces bordering any Japanese forces are automatically at war with Japan
      (Exchange units with Russian Infantry).

    3. The new turn order, starting IPC total and control changes:
      Soviet Union: 28
      Control lost: Baltic States, Vyborg, Eastern Poland, Belarus, Smolensk, Western Ukraine, Bryansk, Bessarabia, Ukraine.
      Germany 41
      Control lost: Romania, Hungary
      Control gained: Baltic States, Vyborg, Eastern Poland, Belarus, Smolensk, Western Ukraine, Bryansk, Bessarabia, Ukraine, Normandy, France, Yugoslavia, and Crete
      Italy: 12
      Control lost: Ethiopia, Italian Somaliland
      Control gained: Greece, Tunisia, and Cyprus
      Japan: 28
      Control gained: French Indo China
      USA: 52
      UK: 30 Europe, 16 Pacific
      Control gained: Ethiopia, Italian Somaliland
      ANZAC: 10
      China: 12 Territories
      Vichy France: 7 (strict neutral)
      Control gained: Southern France, Morocco, Algeria, Syria, and Madagaskar

    4. Lend Lease: The US or UK player can send a total combined aid to the Soviet Union of 30 IPC. Procedure: Buy a transport(s) and place it off board in a Lend lease Box. These transports can’t be used for any other purpose other than Lend Lease. Each Transport sends a fixed 5 IPC (place IPC under transports). No more than 6 transports can be allocated for this purpose. Lease aid is first available on turn 1. However, the Soviet player does not actually get the aid until turn 2. The IPC sent can only purchase non-infantry land units and air units of any type. Lend Lease cannot be used for Naval, Infantry, or factories, etc.

    Interdiction: Any European Axis Submarine, Plane, or Surface ship located in open sea (Not Baltic, Black, Mediterranean) can deduct 2 IPC each from this total. If they are located in any convoy box, they can cost 3 IPC each from this total.

    Note: If Japan and the Soviet Union are at war, Japanese Submarines, Planes, and Surface ships located in Sea Zones in 3, 4, and 5 can cause reductions to Lend Lease payments.

    1. Minor Axis Allies: Finland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary have unique forces (use German pieces) these automatically join the axis on turn 2. They can freely move on that turn and Germany can move into them or build units (Romania). Germany does not gain the income from these areas until they are activated on turn 2, or attacked earlier by the Soviet Union. The factory in Romania can start producing units on turn 2 as well.

    2. This module does not use technology or National Objective rules. However, Paratroopers and Mechanized Infantry technology are standard rules. Paratroopers however are restricted to a one sea zone rule, which means they can’t cross any more than one sea zone before landing.

    3. Changes in Strict Neutrality: Attacking a strict neutral only activates other strict neutrals within 2 spaces of the invaded neutral. Vichy France is a special case. It is strict neutral; however, axis units may fly over or move thru these areas without triggering any change. Also, an attack from any player results in only war with the area under attacked; all other Vichy areas still remain neutral.

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    Interesting - thanks!

  • soviet union download is not working

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