New minor power (global 1940 2nd)

  • Hello! I barely post but i have lurked alot. Here i’ll detail a house rule that im gonna propose to my buddies next time we play. Forgive my grammar, english is not my first language.

    Usually i play with 2 friends (1942 or, recently, 1940 global 2nd), but the thing is, among us, axis is much more popular. Maybe its because its easier to play, or it FEELS overpowered at least - i know the game is supposed to be balanced, but we are just really bad players ok 🙂 Our purchases are far from optmized, so there’s nothing much we can do to stop germany initial stack of stuff with green chips under them.

    We’ll eventually get better, and then when we realize the allied potential, or memorize some good first-turn moves and purchases, we wont need a bid or “balancing” house rules anymore. But for now we’ll go with whats more fun (and that is playing axis, or so we all feel here).

    So we usually play with bids, and they are getting bigger every game. Thats why i came up with this alternate rule. We roll who’s the lucky b��t��d that get to play axis on the dice, but the allies will get an extra help.

    Ill propose we change Brazil (our country yay) from a neutral pro-allied into a minor allied power. They start at peace, use american pieces (for now, but i purchased a light-blue set for them, yay FMG), can only declare war on axis powers that are at war with USA, and go last in turn.

    Brazil starts with what’s already on the map: a 2 IPC territory and 3 infantry. However, as an independent allied power, it also gains:

    1x Destroyer and 1x Transport, in SZ85
    1x Minor Factory
    1x Naval Base (maybe i’ll drop this)

    National Objectives are:
    3 IPC: If convoy sea zones 85 and 101 are free of any hostile naval units. Theme: trading and purchasing of modern military equipment from the americans.
    5 IPC: For the first time Brazil invade an italian-controlled territory (occupying an empty italian territory doesn’t count) or defeat a german submarine. Theme: good old war-time propaganda.

    So that’s 27-42 IPC worth of stuff on the map and 2-5 extra IPC to the allied income. So it’s a weaker ANZAC. Still, for a long time it will mean basically 2 extra allied infantry in africa every 2 turns, hardly a game breaking change, and probably some players would still prefer 15+ IPC worth of stuff somewhere else. It wont change our debates about who get to play axis of greenchips, though.

    Historically, Brazil fought in Italy and against german subs (go read in wikipedia!) In some way, i guess i wanted to see my country represented as a little more than just ‘land troop here, gain $2 and 3 troops’, i had veterans in the family and all; but what i wanted more was to find an extra incentive for playing allies, so the non-axis players wont sulk for the few first hours. In 1942 it wasn’t so bad, but 1940 the axis is BRUTAL. You have to sit there as allies, losing stuff non-stop for ever (it feels so!).

    So, thoughts? Sugestions? Is it gonna unbalance the board too much?

  • I appreciate the effort, but Canada should be a minor power before Brazil, and that’s not just because I’m a Canadian…… well maybe.

  • Most players would probably just use Brazil to reinforce Australia if you give it the naval base.  Try it without the naval base and it could have a huge effect in Africa.

  • Im not against Canada as an independent power. They already have their roundel design, a factory and harbor. All you have to do is split them from UK, but that will be kinda bad for the allies i think, since UK needs all the income it can get. Unless you seriously boost canada starting navy.

    ‘minor-powering brazil’ house rule is intended to make allies more interesting to play with. I agree with the silliness or Brazil in australia, so i’ll remove the naval base as sugested. Although that kind of hurts the ‘protect the convoy zone’ theme i was going on.

  • Customizer

    I wouldn’t be overly critical of Brazil as a minor considering it is obviously included here for fun and as a historical shout out. I was vaguely aware of Brazils efforts. Thanks for reminding us all. I think I’ll do a bit of reading up on it now.

  • I’m a big fan of minor axis allies and felt the same rules could be applied to allies also.

    I see UK w/ Canada and Union of S Africa as minor allies
    I see FEC w/ Anzac and DEI as minor allies
    I see USA w/ Brazil as a minor ally

    I am going to give this a try next time we play.

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