Oztea's global41 setup pictures

  • Hello guys!
    First, after 2 years of reading in this forum, finally the registration worked. Hello to everyone!

    @topic: I really appreciate this idea of a 1941 setup, for many people whom i have played with complained ( especially russia and usa) about no action in the first hours ( we tend to start war rather late).
    So go on, thank you for your effort, oztea.
    To the setup: Its cool that all the different pieces are common on the board ( +actually,i ran our of german and russian mech. inf.). Further , i agree that the us has really a good deal of land units. But i dont think its too much. As oztea pointed out, a dedicated german sub programm and a normandy(maybe not setup-wise is also worth considering) airbase can really throw over a early massive us transport drop.

  • Hello,

    Thanks to oztea for this setup.

    First, let me say somethink about russia’s navy in the pac. It is correct and historical accurate. If you consider russia had two sub-divisions during WWII i would think about givig them an additional sub.

    Although its much fun playing this setup, i think it is unbalanced. We are a small group of experience players and we all agrree, allies do not have much chance especially in LL.
    If played correctly India falls round 3 even with the possibilty to own all 4 islands for the objective.
    This means usa has to go hard pac round 3 at the lates to protect every remaining VC.
    Skippi’ strategy gives the allies some hope but they are far away for a obviously win. Sure, if US invest 100% round 1 and 50 % round 2 in atlantic they can gain ground in europe and stop the german blitz TEMPORARY. But on the one side this gives japan more odds for a pac win and on the other side it is possible for Germany to destroy the invasion force. Of couce it delays barbarossa  but once america is out of europe the will not come back becauce of the strong japan. With some investion in navy G1 and/or G2 , correct Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine position G2 it will be a very very costly D-Day. And dont forget the strong italians. Getting Kairo is not that hard especially if UK has to support US in Europe.
    In summary i would disadvise to strengthen germany with units or AB. I think the transport buy strategie is fun to hadle with and i would still bet on axis

  • India getting +2 infantry has long been in the docket.
    India does fall fast if the US doesn’t make it’s presence felt in the pacific quickly.

  • @oztea:

    India getting +2 infantry has long been in the docket.
    India does fall fast if the US doesn’t make it’s presence felt in the pacific quickly.

    I forgot who it was, but he liked to do a move where Japan would stack Yunnan with a ton of stuff round 1 and have all its transports in range of Burma. I found no reason to disagree with him that Japan can have India easily by round 4, even with US pressure.

  • I remember being told about that, its another case of “if you know it’s coming you can stop it”

    If you send every possible UK unit to India it will hold. But that includes units that should be going to Egypt. It’s a tricky problem to design a solution for.

  • Perhaps an ANZAC infantry and artillery in India could do the trick.

  • '17 '16 '15

    played the recent aussie addittion  was fun as usual    used the artillery as opposed to the aa gun    while not a big difference the aa gun is probably the way to go

    maybe because it’s new but these games last longer than 40 games      I think you’ve got it down pretty good      I don’t know about the normandy AB  seems like a bit much

    more people need to play this  it kicks ass!

  • '17 '16 '15

    what do you buy J1?

    I usually go ic and ab in fic save the 4 bucks

  • I buy an IC for french Indo, a transport, destroyer and artillery

  • '17

    I’m sure…bump! :mrgreen:

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