Axis and Allies License

  • Does anyone know if Hasbro (I think they own the rights) would grant a license to develop an online browser based Axis and Allies game? If so, how much do you think they would charge? If not, how much do you think I’d have to change the game and/or map to avoid copyright infringement? Would you play a slightly modified game and map?


  • I don’t think Hasbro would allow it if they were kept out of the loop. What would they have to gain by letting you use their game? As far as changing the game, I think you would have to change it significantly to not infringe on the copyright.

    So I think you have two viable options.

    You could write the software and then try to sell it to Hasbro. You could make some money, but then anyone who wanted to play would have to pay.

    Or, and I think this might be the better way to go, just write it and let people play and totally ignore the copyright laws. I am not sure what your financial situation is, but Hasbro would only be interested in coming after you if you had some serious money. And there are very few private citizens who have that type of money. People break copyright laws all the time and nothing is done about it. Even better if you know a minor who can write it for you 🙂

  • I worked a gold mine for a while.

  • what’s a minor considered?
    I’m 17 am I a minor?

    also, what if my dog wrote it? or I “found” it?
    what evidence is there? What if it’s called “allies and axis”?
    What if the author claims to live in ukraine and hosts it on a ukrainian server?

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