Late War and Never Completed Naval Minitures

  • I wish they would continue the line with a 7th set. Personally I would love to see a late war or never completed set of Warships Including but not limited to;

    USS Midway
    Douglas A-1 Skyraider
    Grumman F8F Bearcat
    H Class Battleships (Germany)
    Sovetsky Soyuz (Soviet Union)
    Shinano (Japan)
    Fairey Firefly (UK)
    Brewster SB2A Buccaneer
    Aichi B7A
    Martin PBM Mariner
    Curtiss SC Seahawk
    Nakajima Kikka
    Douglas BTD Destroyer
    USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. (DD-850)
    German Type XXI submarine
    USS Antietam
    USS Franklin
    SS Europa
    German cruiser Seydlitz
    Japanese aircraft carrier Unryū
    Weser (Germany)

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    Great idea’s.  I hate to admit it, but I’m getting interested in the ground mini’s.  I haven’t purchased any yet but I was givin a starter set and I have been reading the rules…we shall see.

  • you may be interested to know that some of those have been done by the Team poseidon sets as well as shapeways models in WAS scale.  Right now is really the golden age of WAS playing the different nations after getting the TP set has been alot of fun there was a wealth of good content.

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    I just noticed the sovyetsky Soyuz was on your list.  That’s actually in the fleet command set. Nice big ship.

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