Russia 5 IPC Bonus because Japan attacks

  • Gentlemen

    I’ve been looking for the answer on this one, but in the original Global 1940 rules, it reads that Russia receives her 5 IPC bonus if she’s at war - but it doesn’t say with whom. To me that means if Japan attacks Russia, but Germany does not, then Russia still gets her 5 IPC bonus. Is that a typo? Remember this is the original rule set - not Alpha 3.


  • Official Q&A

    The USSR must be at war with a European Axis power to get this bonus.

  • Thanks. So this was an error in the first edition like Japan not getting its strategic bonus if Italy captured India.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Now that’s an interesting deterent…

    +5 for Russia EACH TURN, if Japan attacks Russia…
    and + 5 for Japan EACH TURN,  if Russia attacks Japan, Â

    • The current Mongolia considerations/rules.

    That would certainly make things work to prevent war.

  • Yeah, it would be. This is the last time we’re playing the old set. We start playing the 2nd Global next. I’m looking forward to a much weaker US and a much stronger Germany.

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