This is a Alpha 3(final) triplea game question regarding G, J vs USA T3

  • TripleA

    The germany diversion is dealt with later.

    Anzac can kill Japan ground forces that can land in queensland rounds1-3, since you get at most 12 on it (J1 buy+starting transports),

    Anzac makes 2 inf and an arty.

    USA round 2 the fleet moves to either in hawaii or Johnson island depending on the player. Usually Johnson island. Since you need your J2 buy to make it to queensland… you are going to be at caroline islands on J3. USA can attack caroline fleet or move into sz 54.

    This is the big problem with the anzac rush.

    It can clear the german stuff out later. Japan is the big priority.

  • I think you two should play, since Cow knows how to defeat this plan.

  • TripleA

    Sure I can hop on the triple a lobby and play a game. People usually challenge me because they want me to play Japan… Not too often do I get challanged because someone wants to see my allies play.

  • Here is an update about the last couple test runs of this strategy.

    Anzac falls as expected, however if UK/Pacific goes navy and heads for Asia or the Philippines, Japan has more work and the timetable gets upset.

    USA can save its money, and place a fleet in its waters to defend with, this gives them 3 more air from scramble, and it forces Italy’s assets to withdraw from the sea zone or be destroyed at a terrible ratio. This means Italian subs would be a better buy, as they can either submerge or back off without fear of the USA air force.

    When it becomes clear that sea lion is a fake, UK in the atlantic if played just right, can have a sizable fleet able to hit Gibraltar on turn 3.

    With only 2 builds and air force going to USA, USSR is a push over on turn 4, they just don’t have the assets to defeat Germany alone.

    So, if countered properly, this strategy is just like any other, it will vary by game play. The advantage to the axis is that is approach is newer and it is easier to make mistakes as the allies when dealing with a new tactic.

    In one game Japan actually won on turn 5. But that was a lesson on how not to respond to this challenge.

  • TripleA

    Japan actually won on turn 5

    Well yeah, that is what happens when usa builds stuff in the atlantic when Japan is snatching up NOs. Like you said the -38 does not kick in till round 4 when you are parked off east usa. Plus it is not -38, because you gotta roll your convoy damage and very rarely does that max out.

    Sure USA makes -38 or whatever, but from a big picture of the long run… it is really insignificant when Japan flops out.

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