• How would a battle similar to the scale of Jutland between the  U.S Navy and the IJN played out in the prewar years?

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    Whats a plan orange battle?

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    Wow. Never heard of that. Is amazing both nations had plans like that!
    I would have said Japan, as their surface fleet was 70% of the US one and with no other commitments (the Atlantic and a European coast).
    Then they changed things by craftily tipping things in their favour with a sneak attack that should have been more successful.
    Mistake seems to be in not commerce raiding and that cost them.
    Is funny. Thank you for bringing it up.
    I think the Japanese had the invention and guile to get away with it, with a great Admiral to see things through in Yamamoto.
    But then they lost the will in reality.
    Is too hard to choose a victor.
    Except the US did win.

  • @Gargantua:

    Whats a plan orange battle?

    Plan Orange was a U.S plan to defeat the Japanese in a large Jutland type battle in between the war years.

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