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P40 2E US Infantry

  • My P40 2E US Inf. are a lighter shade of green than the rest of the US sculpts, has anybody else experienced this problem?

  • 2016

    Though I thought it was more Green than Olive.
    Also it seems ANZAC infantry are darker than the rest of their units…
    Same with Japan… and Italy…
    At least, in my set it is.

  • I noticed the different shades as well.  The pieces I had been using for Global came in large part from the first edition of 1942 so I chalked it up to that.  I noticed it with the US and Russia mostly.  Slightly annoying but what are you gonna do?

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    It’s not a new problem either.  I have a copy of all the A&A games from the Milton Bradley edition onward, and they add up to about eight different shades of US infantry pieces.  The MB brownish-green ones and the Marine pieces from the original Pacific game have good reasons for deviating from the medium green which became standard in the original Europe game, but I find all the other shade variations annoying.  At least the equipment pieces have been a lot more consistent.

    I don’t know much about the process used to manufacture injection-molded plastic pieces, but it’s possible that green is (for some reason) a tricky colour to produce in a consistent shade.  An added problem is that green is notorious for looking different in different lighting conditions: in daylight (which is bluish), incandescent light (which is reddish) and fluorescent light (which is greenish).  Some of my American troop sculpts look utterly identical under some lighting conditions, but completely different in others.

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    Interesting thought Marc. I am Italian and we are great believers in the conspiracy theory.
    It is the Chinese trying to annoy the Americans!

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    Interesting thought Marc. I am Italian and we are great believers in the conspiracy theory.
    It is the Chinese trying to annoy the Americans!

    Maybe, but also keep in mind the principle that “One should not necessarily attribute to conspiracy what can be satisfactorily explained by mere incompetence.”

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