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    Looks like if Germany don’t DOW on USSR but leave one of their subs in SZ125, even though Italy does DOW, then USSR loses the lend lease bonus.

    “5 IPCs if the convoy in sea zone 125 is free of Axis warships, Archangel is controlled by the Soviet Union, and there are no units belonging to other Allied powers present in any territories originally controlled by the Soviet Union. Theme: National prestige and access to Allied Lend-Lease material.”

    Has a clarification been issued on this point? Reading the rule text it seems that a nation not at war with USSR can affect their NOs, which is counter intuitive.

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    Germany and Italy both are Axis powers. So yes, any Axis warship wil cancel that bonus. It does not matter that Germany is not at war with SU, yet, when Italy is.

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    Since it is Lend-Lease, think of it as Germany sinking supply ships belonging to the other Allies, which has nothing to do with being at war with the USSR.

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    Question. ANZAC has sea units in SZ20, which is a Kami zone. It wants to do an amphibious assault to Kiangsi from that sea zone. If I’m reading it right, ANZAC’s sea units can’t move on combat movement to escape the Kami even though there’s no reason for them to participate in sea combat. Now let’s say there’s 2CVs and 2 DDs. Both CVs and one DD are attacked by Kamis and one is hit once and damaged, other CV is missed and the DD is hit and sunk. Can any or all remaining units move on non combat movement? Or does it count as participating in combat? Only the DD?

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    Kamikaze strikes “are resolved before any combat begins”. Kamikaze itself is not a sea battle and not part of the rulebook’s Combat Sequence. So Kamikaze strikes do not prevent ships from moving during noncombat move phase, provided the ships have not moved before or been part of a maybe subsequent sea battle.

    In your scenario the Destroyers and Carriers have neither moved nor participated in combat during that turn, so they may move during noncombat move phase.

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    If Italy declares war on Russia and blitzes E. Poland to Baltic. Than next turn, Germany doesn’t declare war on Russia and it’s not turn 4. Germany just places 1 inf in E. Poland to act as a blocker, but moves all of it’s stack to the Italian tank in Baltic. Triplea lets Russia move 1 infantry into E. Poland that is simultaneously occupied with 1 German infantry while not at war in order to retake it. So you have a situation with 1 German infantry and 1 Russian infantry in the same territory. Is Russia permitted to do so, or must it declare war on Germany and roll combat dice?

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    @Ichabod The “Powers not at War with One Another”-rules on page 15, European rulebook, state:
    "Combat: A power can’t attack a territory controlled by or containing units belonging to a power with
    which it is not at war. "

    So that Russian move is not allowed. Russia must declare war to Germany first and is then allowed to perform this Combat Move.

    TripleA/the Global 1940 map has it in its game notes:
    “(PE) You may not attack a territory containing units owned by a nation that you are not at war with (even if the territory is owned by someone you are at war with).”

  • As China’s capital, Shanghai, is occupied by the Japanese can the USA capture a Chinese territory from Japan, Manchuria, and build an American industrial complex on it? Also where would the income go - China or USA —- and what about new Chinese troops be “built” in Manchuria ?

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    @Cloudesley From the Pacific 1940.2 rulebook, page 10:

    Unlike the other powers in the game, China is not an
    industrialized nation and has a rural economy and
    decentralized government. As a result, China does not have
    a capital like other powers do. If all Chinese territories are
    captured by Japan, China retains its unspent IPCs in hope
    of liberation and does not give them to Japan. In addition,
    China may spend IPCs only to purchase infantry units
    (with one exception, see below) and does not use industrial
    complexes. New Chinese units can be mobilized on any
    Chinese territory that is controlled by China, including
    those captured in the current turn. If a Japanese industrial
    complex is built on a Chinese territory and that territory is
    later recaptured by the Chinese or liberated by another Allied
    power, the industrial complex is removed from the game.
    China is not subject to convoy disruptions (see “Conduct
    Convoy Disruptions,” page 22).

    That should answer your questions. Note that USA can only liberate Chinese territories for China.
    Please ask if anything remains unclear.
    I have moved your question to the Q+A thread by the way.

  • @Panther Thanks for the prompt reply!

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