Global 2nd edition Q+A ( AAG40.2)

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    If you have armour in FIC & mechs in Hunan and Yunnan is Chinese controlled, can you move those units into Yunnan then blitz into Shan State or Burma? My guess is no because they way the accompanying blitz is described in the rulebook only allows for the mech starting in the same territory as the tank. Has this question been asked before? I’ve actually been wondering it for a while.

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    @simon33 Good morning.
    You can’t do that.
    Both units need to start in the same territory and travel through an empty territory together, then on to a second one together, be it empty or occupied.

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    @simon33 So you did guess correctly.

  • Can submarines move into an enemy seazone that contains destroyers on the non-combat phase?

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    @weddingsinger Yes, as Combat is over .

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    @weddingsinger Yes, but it must end its movement there.

    Rulebook Pacific 1940.2, page 32:

    Treat Hostile Sea Zones as Friendly: A submarine can move through a sea zone that contains enemy units, either in combat or
    noncombat movement. However, if a submarine enters a sea zone containing an enemy destroyer, it must end its movement
    there. If it ends its combat move in a hostile sea zone, combat will occur.

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    That’s like a double standard. It blocks sub from moving through ( as a combat situation ) but not combat. Crazy

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    Crazier to let the subs through though. I think it’s an odd rule and counter intuitive, but it’s there. Intuitively, you’d think that you can’t move into a hostile sea zone on non combat even with subs.

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    Ya but this is for g40 game. I’ll have to bow out of this discussion. It wouldn’t take much to change this mostly the right way. BUT
    Later Gentlemen

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    Need some clarification on Strategic bombing and scrambling. Here is the scenario UK wants to attack German navy in SZ 112 off W Germ and they want to prevent the Germ air (3 FTRs) from scrambling, if the UK sends a strat bomber to bomb the airbase and the rest of the UK airforce and navy attack 112 what is the timing of things?

    a. Germany can choose to scramble available air into either the sea zone OR to defend airbase OR split them (2 to defend AB, 1 to SZ)
    b. Germany has to wait to see if the bombing raid is successful and if it is, can’t scramble any air to defend the SZ


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    Bombing occurs after scrambling.

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    @cond1024 Scrambling (as a defender’s move) occurs at the very end of the (attacker’s) Combat Move Phase, after the attacker has completed his combat moves and announced all attacks.
    Strategic Bombing occurs later, at the beginning of the Conduct Combat Phase.

  • I was trying to figure out if there was some reason japan cannot build a major complex in Shanghai. The rules states one must build it in a territory that is worth 3ipc and is “originally controlled”. In the China rules it also states that Shanghai starts the game under Japanese control. This would apply for Manchuria and Korea as well.
    Do I got this right?

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    @Scott-Fadzi good evening.
    I am afraid it is originally Chinese owned . Japan can only build a Major IC in Korea.

  • Good evening to you as well sir,
    Denmark and Norway are captured but are originally controlled by Germany. I know the Chinese territories are marked to indicate the territories that fall under the “China rules” but it doesn’t state explicitly in the China rules about not building major complexes. Japan controls Shanghai at the beginning of the game. Is that not original control? There seems to be a difference between control and ownership in the rules? Is what your stating official?

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    @Scott-Fadzi it is official, I can assure you.
    Japan can only build a Major IC in Korea.

  • ok thanks. I see there are 4 major events for global40 tourneys, do they pretty much stick to the books, aside from the bidding system?

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    1st para, p8, 2nd sentence:
    “When the rules refer
    to the “original controller” of a territory, they mean the
    power whose emblem is printed on the territory.”

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    Suppose that you have multiple sea units starting in a sea zone which has an enemy submarine in it. (and no other enemy units, hence the sea zone is considered “friendly”)

    I think the rules are clear that you can:

    1. Attack the submarine
    2. Attack elsewhere as desired
    3. Split your units to attack the submarine and attack elsewhere
    4. Ignore the submarine and move during the non-combat move phase as desired

    My question is, are you able to attack the submarine with some units and make non-combat moves with the remainder. Or does attacking the submarine mean all units starting in that sea zone have to participate in that combat if not participating in another combat and are therefore disqualified from doing non-combat moves.

    Similarly, if you have an unloaded transport starting in the sea zone, what are your options if you do decide to attack the submarine?

  • @Tizkit

    You can split up units as usual. If any attack ships stay in that sea zone it becomes a combat zone with you as the attacker.

    The main issue is ships must move on the combat move phase rather than wait for non combat and if the zone becomes a combat zone, you couldn’t pass through it while making moves on the combat turn.

    Example, if this were in the English channel and you wanted a transport by Gibraltor to attack Norway, you would have to avoid making sz110 a combat zone.

    As for your empty transport, it cant load in that sea zone, but it can leave, pick up troops, and continue movement as part of a combat or non-combat move.

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    @Tizkit, you have it correctly there.

    Regarding the transport, you can in fact load the transport. Sea zone is still friendly. You just can’t unload the transport to a hostile territory without an escorting warship. Not sure what prevents warship(s) from leaving the sea zone on NCM after such a escort adventure.

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    @Tizkit what exactly do you mean with.
    The sz contains Multiple Warships and an enemy submarine?
    If you are at war with the enemy submarine, then you can’t load the TT unless you are about to perform an amphib asssault somewhere else.
    You may move out an in your ships into this sz, but as allready clarified in combat moving phase.
    Split them up if you want to leave units to destroy the SS while moving out with other units.

    Think about it, If you really need to kill the SS.
    Because the Main reason for this sub might only be to prevent you from loading TT('s) to move in NCM.
    Therefore you need to kill it to be able to load next round your TT.

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    I suppose that’s also a valid point. If you attack the submarine, the transport will have participated in the battle and can’t leave, unless it has done an amphibious assault somewhere else.

    @aequitas-et-veritas said in Global 2nd edition Q+A ( AAG40.2):

    The sz contains Multiple Warships and an enemy submarine?

    I read it as meaning friendly or neutral warships.

  • Pardon, but if there is an enemy submarine, I thought we can’t load the transport because its tagged as a combat zone?

    I thought you’d have to leave the sea zone with the transport, then load.

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    The presence of an enemy submarine does not make the seazone hostile. So the “Sea units starting in hostile seazones-rules” do not apply.

    But from the FAQ we read:

    Q. If some of my units begin my turn in a sea zone with enemy submarines and/or transports and I decide to attack them, can I move some or all of my units out of the sea zone in combat movement to avoid having them participate in the combat?

    A. Yes. Even though the sea zone is not hostile (it contains no enemy surface warships), you can still move units from the sea zone in combat movement to escape combat if you’re attacking there. However, you must still respect the rules for moving units in the Combat Move phase to escape combat.

    This means that in the situation in question, units leaving the sea zone in combat movement to avoid participation in the attack can actually end their movement in friendly zones, so transports that are leaving don’t have to participate in an amphibious assault.

    In case you decide to engage the submarine you can do it, but every unit in that seazone that did not perform an alternative combat move will be part of the battle then.

    A transport can also load to perform an amphibious assault. It needs an escort in case it unloads in a seazone that contains an enemy submarine.

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