USA Income Rule

  • How about, instead of the NO’s have the US Income increase by some arbitrary about every turn or 2 turns.  Like, +5 every turn or every other turn that the US is at war.  So at the end of turn 3 US collects at least 57 (if they were not at war earlier), then 62 turn 4, 67 turn 5. 72 turn 6, etc.  If you bring america in a turn or 2 earlier, then the count starts earlier.  This can be useful to preassure the axis into winning quickly, and can be a tad realistic since the US was not at full production capability till late in the war.

  • This gives axis some breathign room at the start, but then the US would be making more and more each turn.

  • I am all for any rule ideas that

    A) return the US NO money to the contiental states, and not put conditions on it that include islands in the pacific.
    B) a “game clock” mechanic that eventually makes the US an undefeatable monstrosity. So the Axis has to win before turn 20 or face an Atomic Superbeast.

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