• i never heard or read any us strategies about bulidnig up an industrial complex in sinkiang territory. why is that? i figured it out to stop the japanese from invading russian territories from china.in round 1, the us builds the ic(if japan leaves china alone, i retreat to sinkiang with the chinese forces). in round 2 the russian fighters land there to protect it, and from that time the us can start producing tanks there. it is especially deavstating for the japanese if the uk builds a factory in india, too. are there any backdraws of this i dont know about? it worked for me every time yet.

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    normally Japan attacks China, with like 3-4 inf left over.  So to make a Sink factory work, Russia needs to move infantry into Sinkiang round 1 and then attack China on R2.

    The India factory is better because it can be liberated by the Americans or Russians if the Japanese take it, and the British can still build there on their turn.  The Sink factory is a good complement to the India factory when things are going good in mainland Asia and you want to try to take over China and the Pacific coast.  The main drawbacks to the Sink factory are 1) there’s no aa gun so its easily bombed, which will cost the USA money 2) there may be better ways to spend that 15 ipcs on actual units to combat Japan and kill its navy 3) Japan can take Sinkiang rather easily…that’s why it’s useful to build in India when you build Sink.  India is the more important target for Japan, but harder to take and hold.

    1. Even with an Indian IC it’s usually impossible for Russia to defend both ICs (India and Sinkiang) against Japan while holding back the Germans. Japan masses its army on FIC, the Allies may prevent the fall of India but it only takes Japan to move that FIC army to China and then Sinkiang falls.

  • I’ve had a Sinkiang IC be a success for me, but it should only be done if Japan’s attack on China goes really bad (and if Russia did well enough in turn 1).
    And even then it takes a joined effort: Russians attacking from the North, Brits from the South (and an india IC)

    It’s possible, but only in certain circumstances, and even then is pretty risky.

  • @doi:

    are there any backdraws of this i dont know about?

    If the Japanese decide that they want your Sinkiang factory (a thought that usually occurs to the Japanese player right about the time the US builds one), then they will take it from you and you WON’T be able to stop them. If Germany is doing its job pressuring Russia then the Soviets won’t have the units to spare for the defense of Sinkiang for long. Two units a round from the US? Not enough to withstand the Japanese massed forces alone - even if they are expensive units like tanks and planes. Not enough even if they are supported by stacks of Russian infantry.

    You end up building a very expensive defensive wall in Sinkiang, diverting Russian money from their front with Germany (money it cannot spare) and US money 6 to 13 IPC’s a turn that delays the development of the Atlantic fleet. There is never enough force present to really secure Sinkiang much less threaten the capture of the asian coastlines. Eventually, around turn 9 (or perhaps earlier), the Japanese have enough units in Asia to overwhelm even the most expensive of Sinkiang walls. That was what I read on other posts on this forum on the topic, and then (surprise!) that is what happened when I tried it in game.

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    I agree with Varn here.  By committing heavy to the defense of Asia you are taking money away from the Brits and Americans that could be dedicated to D-Day.  Both ICs in Asia will fall, and at that point you have given the Japanese two free ICs with which they will expedite the downfall of USSR.  Allies have a better chance at victory, in my opinion, when they commit the vast majority of their resources to the European theater.

  • I always build a factory in either China or Sinkiang, I find it pointless to try and fight the Japanese Navy for control of a few useless islands, I can very easily overpower the Japs in China and eventually all of Continental Asia, then the rest of the USA IPC’s go to their Navy so I can surround Japan and buy time to help the Russians or British. I don’t think it should be allowed to build factories in China, being that there was very low industrialization.

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    Try building an IC in China or Sinkiang against forum players here or on tripleA and report back how well it works against those players.

  • Well then what would you suggest?

  • @Varn:

    That was what I read on other posts on this forum on the topic, and then (surprise!) that is what happened when I tried it in game.

    Varn makes a good point!  😉

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    I suggest not building a factory in Asia as the US.  I would suggest reviewing how others play the game by going over old game threads here and see how that fits into your groups playing styles then shake things up!

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