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    Sept 14th 1319. Dante Alighieri died today in Ravenna.  Exiled by the Black Guelf section of the Papal Party from his native Florence in 1300, he was never to return. While in exile he wrote one of the world’s most modern poems, in the vernacular, Italian: La Commedia. The story is  of his journey through Hell and Purgatory to Paradise. Some may recognise the line: Abandon all hope ye who enter here!
    Dante was also a soldier and fought as a cavalryman for Florence against the city of Arezzo at the battle of Campaldino(1289). My local church in Florence has a Memorial to him. Italy and the Italian language owe much to him.
    Today is also the anniversary of Marignano(1515): Francis I’s victory over the Swiss and in 1950 Marines landed at Inchon.

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    Did he die in an inferno?

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    Being born in Florence, living or dying  anywhere else, would be Hell.
    So yes, I am afraid he did.
    I won’t.

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