• Just wondering what ppl are doing with Russia.

    The first game we only went 4-5 turns and restarted. It was really just to get a feel for the game, work through the German impulses and see how Vichy played out. Many mistakes were maid, and some rules were missed (to be expected). We are now in the 3rd turn (second game) and Germany is going to attack on turn 4 w/o a doubt. The Finish are stacked on the northern border, and Romania has like 25 slow moving units w/tanks coming up behind.

    BTW the allies really got screwed w/Vichy rolls (never let the girl friend of the German player roll for the French LOL). The F French got a sub & destroyer, the Germans got the battle ship, and most everything else went Vichy (only 1-2 ships were scuttled).

    Both games saw Germany build a major IC in Romania, which we assumed can now produce 12 units (10 w/Germany, and a couple w/Romania). Russia is forced to back out of the south, or face certain destruction (must retreat to Orel or E Ukraine because of the reach of W Ukraine once the Germans take it so they don’t get trapped (figured that out in the first game LOL).

    In the north the Soviets had some minor scrimmages in Finland, but the Russian will come up short or be out of position if they commit to much IMO. They are in a pickle because they can’t really attack the stacked Finish army now at the border (they start with a bunch). Mutual destruct would be the best case scenario, but even that would be pretty lucky dice w/Russia and they can’t afford to lose that many units and risk the air. Plus they would be out of position, and expose their high end units to a German counter attack (BTW Germany also has a couple transports in the Baltic, and 2 bombers w/paratroopers). So again they seem to be forced to retreat, or attempt to defend, but they can’t defend both Karelia (major IC?), and Leningrad (Spain goes pro-axis) so what gives?  I know the Leningrad fort gives the Russians an edge if they choose to defend it, but the Germans get that sneak attack (+1 for Germans, and -1 for Russians the first time Germany attacks Russia), so it pretty much nullifies the fort.

    In the Far East are you guys bringing the Siberians home, or keeping a force out there. Maybe sending an air unit over, or building some fast moving units to help out the Chinese to attempt a stand off w/Japan which seems to have its hands full BTW. Both games saw Japan place ICs in Asia

    I guess that Russia is supposed to give up ground, or get crushed, and I’m looking forward to seeing if they can over come the onslaught once their income kicks in. Just wondering if I’m doing something wrong w/NCM etc… in the first couple turns, or that’s how it plays out in your games too. Do you sacrifice Leningrad (giving them Spain) to attempt to hold on to Karelia so you can keep the option of moving your capital there later?  Do you attempt to defend Leningrad (which seems hopeless), and set up a counter attack? Do you just leave a few units in both territories in a fighting retreat, then attempt to counter attack when they only have ground units w/o air cover?

    BTW I’m not too sure about the major IC being in Karelia (have some questions). I believe the new rules have it become a minor if the Germans take it (they can place 3 units), but prior to the rule change it was just removed I believe. So now if the Germans capture the major it becomes a minor, then if Russia liberates it, but the Germans recapture it again then as a minor IC it would be removed right (possibly making it in Russia’s best interest to trade it?). I know the the Russians can move their capital to Karelia if Moscow falls, so it might worth fighting for. If Germany captures it, and the Russia liberates it as a minor IC they still have the option to move their capital there if Moscow falls (I would think). The capture of either Leningrad (Spain goes pro axis), or Karelia (Germany gets a minor IC on Russian soil) are of importance. Was it the intent to give the Germans an IC in Russia?  I guess I can see why no IC was placed on Leningrad (gives it an under siege feel), but I was thinking would the Russian be better served with a minor on both Leningrad and Karelia, then if captured they would be removed (Germany couldn’t build there)? The Russian north has some tough choices and none of them seem to work out for them LOL.

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    In the early game it’s infantry, infantry, infantry.

    Usually, the best thing to do is hit Finland right off. They’re not that strong initially. Taking (and holding) the border territories will alleviate pressure on the Soviets when Germany attacks.

    Going into Iran is a good idea too.

    If Germany doesn’t, the Soviets should take the Baltic States. Don’t neglect Eastern Poland Either (unless you want to leave the Poles as a  pain in the $$$ buffer for the Germans. The extra income won’t be noticed anyway.

    Back off from all border territories from the Baltic on down. Leave infantry screens of one division for each border territory. This creates dead zones and neutralizes Germany’s one territory sneak attack. Let them swing at wind as much as possible.

    Make sure Leningrad has plenty of infantry. Use the fortifications their to your advantage.

    Use the cities of Smolensk, Kiev, and Stalingrad as strong points and bases to launch counter attacks on German spearheads. Counter-attack aggressively. Add planes when possible to augment your offensive strength and to give you the range to attack German advances across the front.

    Pull back from the Japanese border (again, leave a screen). A couple of tanks and three+ infantry in Novosibirsk (arty/mech combo might be hand here too) is not a bad idea to keep the Japanese guessing.
    Defend Karelia and Moscow aggressively.

    Roll them dice for your full income like your life depends on it (because it just may!).

    When the Nazis come calling, send your navy to help the UK and/or raid the Germans in the Baltic.

    Don’t just give up territory after the initial attacks. Fight back as hard and as often as possible. Maintain those dead zones. Push into the Middle East and North Africa from Iran if you can. Threaten Cairo. Hastle the Italians.

    Don’t forget about the Guards and KVs when the income comes up. Use them especially to defend the VCs and Karelia.

    Try using HBG’s minefields (land and sea) and rules as well.

  • Good tips. I didn’t know that the Russians could activate Iran and push into the Middle East. Guess when the rules said they couldn’t do neutrals in Europe (other then E Poland and Baltic States), I still had how G40 separates E40 & P40, and the Mid East is part of the Europe map. This is good to know, and could make a difference.

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    Yep, the Soviet player I play against ALWAYS activates Iran and tries a push into North Africa. It’s a good move and two infantry help a little. The move also forces the Axis to move into the Middle East to deal with the Russian threat as opposed to just dealing with the UK/ Free French forces in Africa.

    Of course, 9 times out of 10, the Axis is moving in that direction anyway, but Russians in Iran make things a bit more difficult.

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