• Weapons were "F"ound next to the dec"A"pitated bodies. The attack occurred just 200 yards from the office of Pa"L"estinian security chief Mohammed Dahlan.
    NBC News reported that in addition to Aishtawi, the other identified victim was his bodyguard, Hamas member Wahid Hamaf. The other two men “K”“I"lled in the attack were member"S” of Force 17, the security force for P"A"lesti"N"ian leader Y"ASS"er Arafat. Their names were not available.
    Shadi Wassi said "H"e was ab"O"ut to enter his house “when sudden"L"y a huge "E"xplosion shook the ground under my feet. When I looked back, I saw a big flame burning the trees, then another two huge explosions hit the area.”
    Other witnesses said the men were sitting near the beach for about half an hour when the missiles hit.
    Bystanders carried the bloodied body of one man to an ambulance, as the helicopters fired flares. Onlookers holding cigarette lighters searched the ground to gather pieces of flesh from the sand.
    Palestinian Information Minister Nabil Amr condemned the latest Israeli attack.
    “This shows that Israel is pursuing war against the Palestinian people. This operation coincides with the measures that the Palestinian Authority is undertaking to restore calm,” Amr said. “We urge the United States and the quartet to immediately intervene to stop this war.”

  • another bunch of hormones starting to flow, Mike?

  • LOL actully Janus, Yanny and I came up with it at Yannys house the otherday. it was quite amusing. and after all what would the world be like if Social Democrats and Fascists did not crack on each other?

  • Well … what would the world be like… depends on who has won 😉

  • Note I just sighed and turned away when he mentioned this 🙂

  • 😄

  • So, NFM is copping to being a nazi(I mean FASCIST?)

    Gee, “N”, do you shave your a**(I mean head?)

  • actually, NFM does shave his head (and his eyebrows 😉 )

  • Its scary, it really is.

  • NFM eats at Taco Bell…

  • Shaving his head, having no idea about Skinhead traditions, eating mexican food…

    you are so tough, Mike, i bet everyone who sees you grimaces and bends…
    from trying not to laugh…

  • haha well actully i am not a skin head. as a matter of fact i can not stand skin heads. Taco Bell rules btw lol so tastey. and yea i shaved my eye brows lol biggest mistake ever. and yea i do shave my head but not because of what i beleive. but cus it is cheap, feels good i do not like the feeling of hair on my head. and easy to take care of. and actully Falk alot of peopled o laugh, i do not try to be scary or intimidating by more so comical. you really gotta stop stereotyping people man lol

  • in fact Falk it is stupid comments like the one you just made is why i post shit like how you are an Ass hole and stuff. i mean man you just ask for it.

  • I guess you are stereotyping, Mike.
    See the reasons:

    I said people would laugh, you agreed.
    I repeated that you shave your head.
    I repeated that you like that mexican food.
    I said that you have no idea about skinhead tradition, you did not disagree. Instead you said you dislike them.

    I never said you were a skinhead, that you did read out of my text.
    I did not even say you pretended to be one.

    This gets back to my one and main question:
    Why are there two measures? Why am i stereotyping, and you are not? Why are you allowed to read things into my text that i have never said, but i am not? Why do i have prejudices (i know i have, just like everybody), but many of you judicate without noticing their “pre” (being such ignorant that they even don’t notice it)?
    And there are more examples: one being something Janus mentioned: Why are all of you allowed to bash the french, but i am not allowed to bash the US?

    Can you give me one sensible reason for that?
    Can you?

  • alright, Falk i will apologize i am guilty of the very same offenses i have accused you. i did not catch your humor and for that i am kicking myself as we speak lol.

    as for French bashing, well i personally never critized you for basing the USA i said since you did Bash the USA i will bash you back, bashing, fighting and aggressive behavior is what makes us Human. Personally i have no problem with you Bashing the USA i disagree with the USA on like 80% of things. same with France i like some things about France but they are like Band Fags, they are just out for their own self interest but it is so fun to make fun of them. So keep on Bashing the US it creates a conflict and conflicts are what makes the world go round. 🙂

  • Hell i mean if you take away our Politcal veiws and add a few years on me and take away a few years on you and put us say in Iceland i bet we would be Pals 😉

  • grins … the political views often change with time, and sometimes for the better ;)…
    seriously, i was not trying to humorous, or make yourself bash yourself. It’s just that many people here (including me) very often forget about that biblical word of (danger literal german translation!) “If you look for a stick in the others eye, be aware of the arbor in yours”… or something like that.

  • And there are more examples: one being something Janus mentioned: Why are all of you allowed to bash the french, but i am not allowed to bash the US?

    You can bash the US all you want, I do it more than you will ever know. My comment was that you criticize, ridicule, and seem to look down on the French Bashers, yet you always criticize the US. just pointing out your hypocrisy.

  • Here are the rules:
    F_alk, you can only bash the US if you bash the French.
    NFM/Janus - you can only make fun of F_alk if he makes fun of NFM’s stupid head-style.
    Are we understood?

  • Ha! Ill make fun of Falk any time I want! Its fun, besides, he takes every opportunity to as well.

  • Mike is the strangest person I know. Really, you have no idea 🙂

    Locking this thread.

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