UK rd 1 Taranto in the face of Sea Lion?

  • The last game I played I saw the first ever successful sea lion to lead to an axis victory.  I now fear a sea lion more than I used to.  I firmly believe that the UK has to cripple Italy the first round or they grow out of control and become an enormous problem.  The question is if Germany is gonna go Sea Lion should the UK commit to taranto to cripple Italy’s fleet or should the UK turtle every aircraft and possible land unit in the UK.  My approach would be to purchase 9 inf but still go through with Taranto.  I just believe that Italy has to be stopped and if they are it makes the US’s job in the med much much easier.  Germany will accomplish sea lion barring terrible rolls with this approach but ultimately it seems like the right play.  Do you agree or disagree and if so why?

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    Kill my beloved Italy or pay for it in the long run.
    I would still buy 9 Inf and move all Scottish units to England.
    Italy can less afford a straight forward unit swap than the Uk, is my main reason.
    Others have said if Germany commits to Sealion, he has to wholeheartedly and then he is mincemeat for a Russian Western advance.

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    You have to do Taranto.

    And you have to sea-lion prevent.

    How you balance that is up to you… 🙂  I send the bomber and ATLEAST 1 fighter.

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    I seen lots of axis victories from sea lion… it all depends on how well japan holds up on his end.

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    Just think UK has to do its bit by attacking. Can’t just lie there and be taken without a fight. Italy comes next, mess it up like you have been messed up(by Germany).
    Got to still have a game plan or you are out too, before it’s even begun.

  • Are we talking Alpha 3.9?

    Personally i like to attack Tobruk (and the italian ships around Malta) instead of a full on fleet attack (i need the Malta fighter for clearing sz96 though). Axis access to Egypt can be blocked and with some help from India (air force and ships) UK can assemble a decent force, while using all the money in protecting London.
    Does that fighter make the difference? I honestly don’t know.

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    I think this one kind of depends on where your bid went.

  • My bid goes fighter to Scotland, to mess up the German open and still have a unit for Taranto.  🙂

  • If it’s Alpha 3 sealion is quite dead anyways IMO with Russia easily making upwards of 65 for a couple rounds. If Italy is neutered UK 1 there is no momentum for them to gain by a Sealion by Germany.

  • I like Taranto because it coaxes Germany into doing sealion, and for the effect it has AFTER sealion.  Sometimes it is surprising just how long Egypt can hold out (and if it falls that’s OK too because then it can become an American IC & airbase!).  Meanwhile Russia can just build infantry and save extra money for later.  Germany will get Novgorod OK but just try getting past Belarus, nevermind Stalingrad, especially if the Russians have them screwing around wasting time up in Finland etc.  Strafing attacks and cheap shots can do wonders when you have a big pile of infantry to throw around.

  • Pack the UK with Inf, move the Indian fleet towards the Med and start being very aggressive with the Soviet Union.

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