• As a defender in a sea zone, can I take causalities on all of my carriers, knowing my fighters in the same combat will not have a place to land?  Where in the 1942 2e rules is this situation covered?

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    Yes you can. Makes sense most of the time, for example if you know the attacker is going to eliminate all your force. Careful though, as he could retreat prematurely and then your Fighters would crash after the battle without taking out enough of his units. All depends how much he needs the Sea Zone(for an Amphibious Assault).
    The only thing in the rules like this, relates to the attacker: you cannot do “suicide runs”: you cannot fly anywhere without a legitimate landing place.
    The Defender always chooses his own casualties.
    Remember a Sub cannot hit an Air unit, otherwise is legal to lose Fighters as you asked.

  • Thank you sir.  I went over the rulebook again and I think I found the rule somewhere in the air units section.

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    Don’t be silly. Is a pleasure.
    Have fun.

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    Also, you don’t have to move your carriers into the attack. You simply have to tell your opponent that you plan to move your carriers in the NCM to provide a landing place for your planes. Then, once the battle is over, if your planes survive you will have to move your carrier(s) to provide a safe landing spot.

    HOWEVER, if all the planes are lost, you can leave your carrier(s) where they are or move them somewhere else.

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