India bonus - does it go to Japan if Germany captures it

  • BTW, it says for the global advantages that if the Axis controlled Stalingrad, etc, then Germany would get 5 IPCs, even if Italy captured it. However for British India, if Germany captures it do the Japanese get their strategic bonus for captured British capital. The rules say it has to be Japan, but we were wondering if that was a typo since in the other  sections it’s a Axis power for places like Stalingrad, Egypt, etc.

  • TripleA


    Just like germany does not get a bonus if italy conquers novgorod.

  • Thanks. Yes I saw in the Alpha 3 rules they changed so that if Italy or Germany captures India then Japan will still get the bonus.

  • TripleA

    I wonder why they changed that… hmm.

  • They changed a lot of wording in alpha 3.9.
    Even the Islands in the pacific are Axis controlled, while Germany has to contorl every place except Caucasus on its own. I think, this is not what “National Objectives” should be. It sounds more like “Axis Objectives”. I don’t like it. It should just be Japan/Italy/Germany not Axis.

    (USSR does not get any Bonus for US/UK capturing axis terretories in Europe, and thats how it should be)

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