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Global 1939 Opinions

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    Hello everyone,

    I am rather new to this board and growing more and more interested in it. With the many flaws present in G40, it seems logical to make a custom modification with the main intent being greater detail and/or playability.

    Since this seems to be both a work in progress and pick-and-choose when it comes to rules, I have some general questions.

    1) � Would anyone recommend using the Global '39 board with G40 rules/mechanics? To simplify the amount of learning necessary at the beginning, would it be possible to play with known rules and ignore the more advanced aspects such as fortifications, neutrals, unit specific modifications, etc… ? Perhaps more directly: would this map be suitable to essentially play G40 on, using the G39 setup?

    2) Could anyone provide a relatively short description of Global '39 versus A&A G40; mainly defining differences, improvements and if the game is pretty well balanced between both sides. (I realize that to know exactly everything it would be better for me to read the rule book, which I am prepared to do, I just want an assessment from people who have experience with it.)

    3) It appears there are 2 setup configurations being discussed. Is this like and AA50th '41 or '42 senario or will one be chosen over the other as the “definitive” setup?

    I ask these questions because I find the game to be very visually compelling, with hopes that it is in practice also. My impression is that this is a project begun and completed by fans of A&A who just wanted something a little more perfect than what was handed to them OOB with G40. So I expect the customization and detail to be quite thorough. However, I have found that simpler tends to be better in both functionality and an enjoyment level. I also assume that pretty much everyone here is a developer/supporter, so I don’t necessarily expect negative responses, but I would like a personal assessment from whomever would care to share one.

  • We haven’t finished our first game yet (somewhere around turn 4-5, think we’ll try to get going again this week). Just wanted to say that I bought the smaller map (33"X72") that is about the same size as G40 a couple weeks ago (fits pretty good on my custom G40 table). The map coloring is much different then the newer AA games, but I like the bright colors (easy to tell the borders and original territories etc… ). I will tell you that Europe is a little crowded on the map (bought smaller of the two maps offered), but after the first couple turns units start to get chipped and stacked so it’s not much of a problem (we are using marshaling cards though for some armies). You’ll need some extra units to setup all the neutrals, and minor powers. Hope you have a bunch on hand, or you can paint or buy them.

    The map lay-out is really cool, I especially like the circles for most major cities. The double stacked territories in N Africa give it more depth for play, and the Med seems to play very nice (UK can’t attack Italy on the first turn by rule). The optional Vichy French rules are great (think I might house rule something like that into G40 next time we play it). There are a ton of Russian territories, and units have slightly different costs (like Japan tanks cost 9 IPCs, German tanks cost 5 IPCs) so I don’t expect to see too many Japanese tank marches into Moscow LOL.

    Each power also has some special units that have modified values. It takes a while to get use to the values of the 12 sided dice, but it does sink in. I made up a chart for all the units that I shared and I believe it will be offered with the other downloads for the game at some point (after they proof it). It might help you to get familiar w/new units and 12d dice.


    There is a set-up that Jeremy from FMG put together for this map that sounds very interesting. You can download it at the same place you download the rules for Global War 1939 (below). It basically uses this new map with 6 sided dice and the G40 Alpha rules. At some point I will probably set it up to check it out, but for now I’m having too much fun with this rule set, and the 12 sided dice.

    You should defiantly download the newest rules for the game 5.0 (they’re working on 5.1), and check it out (its free). Read through some of the more recent posts from others, and the FAQ etc…

    Here is a link to check out the different downloads at board geek. It shows many views of the map, and the downloads are about 3/4 way down the page under “files” (you might have to register)


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    Thanks Bill.

    You have a similar perspective/outlook as I do, which makes it easy to understand. I will take a look at the links below.

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    Thanks for the comments ME. Very helpful.

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    Don’t change your game, keep it like it is. I have the map and such, but never played it but really know that if you start tinkering with the rules or imitating G40, the project will become another in the list of “house rules” games.

    Leave it alone. Just balance it out by setup changes only if needed.


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    Don’t change your game, keep it like it is. I have the map and such, but never played it but really know that if you start tinkering with the rules or imitating G40, the project will become another in the list of “house rules” games.

    Leave it alone. Just balance it out by setup changes only if needed.


    As in don’t bother to simplify? I am not interested in making my own rules per se, but eliminating some which take more time and thought. All I am asking about is simplification not addition or even modification. Maybe I didn’t make that very clear though.

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    Simplify is ok, just not in the direction of G40 or any relation to that.

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    Simplify is ok, just not in the direction of G40 or any relation to that.

    Not to be combative, but isn’t G39 by its nature “in the direction” of G40? I mean, besides some rule and setup adjustments, is not G39 very similar to G40?

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    I think its quite different. Of course its’  got area movement and similar turn sequence. Also, the map is entirely different

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    I find Global '39, despite the basic mechanics, to be quite a bit differnent than Global 40. I got fed up with G40 after we got into Alpha 3.whatever. Global 39’s rule issues are mostly those of clarification. We’re not dealing with constant swings to deal with major (perceived) balance issues.

    It’s just an opinion, but Global 40 became a mess I did not want to play anymore. I have (not to mention the group I play with) had more fun with Global '39.

    Global '39, to me anyway, takes the best from all previous A and A incarnations (including after market stuff like Zeno W@W), adds some original stuff for AandA (like the Axis minors and a d12 mechanic) all on a really, really big, beautiful, so-good-you-wanna-fall-down-and-thank-the-AandA-gods-for-it map.

    What’s better yet is that HBG continues to make Global '39 better with optional rules and markers (not that they can’t be used for other AandA variants, but I get the feeling they are more directed to HBG developed games).

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    To me the most important thing said is that it is more fun. Ultimately that is what I and everyone else wants. I realize everyone’s preferences are different, but if we all generally like A&A, or the basic premise of the game, then it would follow for G39.

    I am glad for the advice and insight, but I know I really need to just go try it out. I just did not want the game to get so detailed that it bogged down play and took away the enjoyment of playing with a bunch of people… Or supplanted the simpler thought processes of “should I buy tanks or infantry?” with something much more involved. … I don’t know… Again I thank you guys for all the input, I will just have to try it out.

  • As others have said this is an awesome game, but it does take some time to get familiar with it. It isn’t a short game either, and it takes a while to get through the first couple turns (probably more so then G40 the first time). The Germans basically take two turns on G1, because they get that blitzkrieg on both land and sea (see the rules). As the Germans your going to want to think that out to maximize your advantage, plus they also get minor axis powers to control.

    The Japanese get a sneak attack to use before turn 8. They can choose three battles that basically makes anyone they aren’t yet a war with defenseless the first round of  battle (USA is at even more of a disadvantage). As Japan you get to make that sneak attack (get a big bonus for doing it), then you get to non combat those units after the battle to get out of harms way, or set-up an attack for the next turn. As Japan your also going to want to take advantage, but it isn’t as easy to pull of as you think if the US is getting close to being able to declare war.

    The US & Russia roll dice to determine when they can enter the war which is a very cool system (nothing like G40) so it is different each game. All the neutral countries are in play (not like G40 at all). Some of them become active after certain events, so you need to be well aware regardless what side your playing. Your going to need to read through the rules for these things, post questions, and read again, and then it is still trial & error. We ended up playing 4-5 rounds the first game, then started over once we got a feel for it.

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    Russia and the US getting to roll for when they can enter the game is compelling, especially since it could significantly change the “normal” course of a game. The unfortunate thing with experienced people playing G40 or any Axis and Allies is that games become predictable and essentially the same as the one before. While the multitude of choices in a game like Global 39 do complicate the game and make it slower, it seems like it would provide enough choices so that not every game is exactly the same.

    Ultimately, this is a good trade off to me. Instead of playing 4-5 turns of G40 relatively quickly and being able to project a winner (which is what always happens), I wouldn’t mind fitting only 2 turns of G39 in that same span and having the game nowhere near over.

    That is, if you have a couple days to play.

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    Sounds  excellent.
    Can only dream, as I do not get to play the regular games enough!

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