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WAS tournament Waterloo Ontario Canada at JBC games

  • Saturday Oct 13th at noon looks like the date now.

    We have a large group of 10 players already and a few visitors from the forumini who might come so at the minimum I am expecting 6 people and 13 would be about the most I would expect though the more the merrier.

    I am thinking of making it a “Euro” centric tourney (so you can be Germany,Italy, UK , France or Russia) without the US or IJN and will probably consist of things such as

    bring an axis nation and allied nation fleet
    No 6 hull BB’s
    Order of Battle Rules
    Historical Class limits
    Nation Pure
    No more then 3 copies of any individual unit.
    Historical Class Limits

  • PM for more details.

  • 2017 2016 2015 '14 '13 '12

    How did the tourney go Azrael?

  • a date hasn’t been set yet its probably going to happen on oct 13th, we have a fairly large group and I can see 8+ people partaking.

  • Date change, I don’t forsee any outside visitors but what the heck it would be interesting if we can draw any.

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