US increased income when at war in global 3.9

  • I haven’t played global in a while, but I seemed to remember that the US got an increased income as soon as they entered the war. The other day when I went over the alpha 3.9 rules version, I couldn’t find this anymore. Was I mistaken and does this only happen when playing Europe '40?

    BTW, I tried to post this in the Global section, but I couldn’t locate the button “New Topic”.

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    I would like to know too. Has anyone opened the 2nd Ed Rulebook and know the answer?

  • TripleA

    they got rid of the usa increased income. it is just territory money plus National Objectives… the income between the axis and the allies evens out relatively soon in the game.

    I am hopin the reprint is not exactly like alpha 3.9

    Would love to see a russian bomber added in. Russia blows nuts.

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    As a long standing lover of all things German, I hope you never get your wish for a
    Bomber, Cow. Sorry.
    Have you heard from someone who had the rules? US not having a big At War bonus is not right in my opinion.

  • TripleA

    I prefer playing the axis in global, but russia is a little too pathetic so europe is the boring half for me.

  • @wittmann:

    US not having a big At War bonus is not right in my opinion.

    If it’s like Alpha 3.9 the US gets the same amount of “bonus” IPCs, just from National Objectives. I think the balance intent was to give US some actual incentive to do “American things” like protect Hawaii or the Philippines.

    Before the Axis were able to win on any map you could theoretically just ignore the entire Pacific map with America with relatively no consequences and still receive your bonus production. In this one they still want to give you the money, you just have to work for it.

    Hell, in OOB you could pull all of your USP navy to the USE board and screw Hawaii and the Pacific islands and just build up and crush Italy. Keeping the US on the Pacific board (when not doing KJF) has always been a tricky balance with the rules.

  • TripleA

    so basically in 3.9 usa does nothing for europe, in most games.

  • Yeah, I loved the intent behind the NOs but in practice it just means US does KJF so they can protect their production.

    If America even helps Europe anymore it’s either sending bombers to UK or helping Russia from the Japan side.

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