• 2007 AAR League

    In your opinion, what makes a person a veteran of Axis and Allies?

  • For me, it’s when you understand the value of infantry.

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    when you can argue about strategies :lol: 😉

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    it certainly doesn’t encompass how much playing you do, because I have not played to often, and I can effectively counter anything I come up with…

  • It’s when you can have terrible luck and still win. 🙂

    Or when you can lose one of your allies and still win. 😉

  • I do not consider myself a veteran of this game. But it depends on what a veteran is. To me, a veteran is someone who has played for many years, and many games, it doesn’t really matter how good you are…

  • Making an attack when you know it will not succeed,
    but just maybe it will take out enough of the enemy so that
    another member of your alliance will take the teritory.


    And I agree - Infanty is the most important unit in AA

  • There is no real “point” at which you “become a veteran”. There is a lot of grey zone there, but i have to agree that you are not really experienced until you know when to buy inf and when to buy arm and when to buy fighters - AND you are correct.

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    There is no real “point” at which you “become a veteran”.

    well put CC… even a newbie can see and do right moves…

  • well put CC… even a newbie can see and do right moves…

    not necessarily…I once took Moscow as Germany on T2 because a newbie Russian player would not take the advice of his allies…actually, I think I warned him myself, I don’t know why I did that. :-?

  • Uh, sorry, guys! I just cannot bring myself to use the word “veteran” in regards to playing a game. I lost too many brave/foolish friends and know too many guys who lost a piece of themselves(physically, mentally and/or spiritually) in a real war to apply the word in this situation.

    Master,” yes!
    Expert,” yes!

    Other than that…
    I believe you’ve covered it well.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Excellent points by everyone.

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