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    Isn’t this in the wrong forum.

  • I put 10-12 bid. This gives the Allies some options, depending on who I’m playing. I usually go one of 3 ways.
    1. Give Russia 4 infantry to use as fodder for the Ukraine strafe and the W. Russia attack. It gives Russia about 1 or 2 extra turns to live.
    2. Giving Russia 3 artillery for its Japanese front. This seriously screws the Japs in J1 if they want to make an assault on Russia.
    3. Giving 2 infantry to Russia and 2 infantry to India. The two Indian infantry I use on an attack on Borneo on UK1. I can get away with this depending on who I’m playing.

  • Even with the U.S. east fleet gone I still think allies can win with no extra help.  I really like the idea of the Russian fighter in Egypt though! I will have to try that next time I play.

  • It would be interesting to see the results of a new poll to reflect the experience gained over the last 3 years since that poll was initially set up.

    I realize bidding is an accepted form of balancing A&A and has a long history, but it would be nice to see a standard revised setup to address the bulk of the concern over balance; bidding could then be used for those that think the revised setup doesn’t go far enough or for different skill levels among players.  There is precedent for this with A&A 1941 which I think was the right decision by Larry, Krieghund and Hasbro.

  • I’m always happy to play either side, so I just let my opponent choose

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    We are currently in the process of doing a tournament and we are down to the last semi-final game, but we’ve had 13 completed games so far.  Here are the results:

    Allied bid (winner)

    16 (Allies)
    12 (Axis)
    10 (Axis)
    9 (Axis)
    21 (Axis)
    9 (Allies)
    11 (Allies)
    5 (Axis)
    9 (Axis)
    15 (Allies)
    22 (Axis)
    12 (Axis)
    20 (Allies)

    So we’ve had 8 Axis winners and 5 Allied winners.  The Avg is 13.15.

    Obviously, this is a small sample size, but it gives you an idea where bids are coming in for some competitive games.  The Allies have some wins at 9 and 11, but in the more competitive type games your probably going to want to go 13,14+ and get near or above 15 if you can.  The Allies scored 2 more wins at 15 and then 16.
    Axis were 6-2 with bids 14 and under.  And then 2-3 with bids 15+.

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