My AAE strat

  • Since a lot of strategy questions have been asked, I thought I’d contribute my 2 IPCs. Here is my axis strategy. I call it my “Bomb the Sh*t out of Russia” strategy.

    turn 0 - Use 12$ for 3 artillery or 4 infantry (your choice) in Rumania. Most likely allies will counter with 4 Infantry in Ukraine or 3 Artillery in Belorussia.

    Turn 1 - Buy 2 bombers, 3 infantry. Attack Ukraine, Celtic Sea, English Channel, Us sea zone, Malta, North Sea, Russian Convoy zone, Besobaria, And the Baltic States. Strategic Bomb Russia. Noncombat, Move everything toward Russia except for stuff in Netherlands, France, Germany, and NItaly. NItaly and SItaly stuff transport to Africa over the next few turns.

    Turn 2 - buy 1 bomber, then all Infantry. Strategic Bomb Russia, use your fighters as Cover to take casualties from the AA gun. Attack any British Fleet builds. Keep moving stuff up. Attack British Med. Fleet.

    Turn 3 - Buy All tanks. Strat bomb again. Move Everything to Poland or near it.

    Turn 4 - Attack East poland. Move Tanks within Range of Belorussia. Strat Bomb again. Build all infantry and place in Germany incase of Allied landings.

    Turn 5 - Strat bomb again. Attack Belorussia. Build all infantry in Germany again.

    Turn 6 - Go for Moscow. If its gonna be a big battle, Dont Strat bomb russia. Use your bombers on Moscow. Build all infantry in Germany.

    Game won.

    Turn 2 - Buy 1 Bomber, all the rest Infantry. Con

  • Sounds good. I wasn’t clear on how many fighters you use as escorts. Also, what about the Middle East?

  • All I use for the middle east is what is already in Africa, and what is in North and Southern Italy. I find I usually dont need any more, and if the allies put stuff there it’s their loss, not mine.

    Fighters, well I use a rough formula in my head. Number of planes divided by 6, + 2. So if 4 bombers attacked, I escort with 3 fighters.

  • Yanny, i tried your Bomb the F*** out of Russia. It was tight, but i put 3 artilery in finland, i like the big amry in the north.
    I had to send every fighter to cover the bombers though, the allies were flying American and British fighters into Lenningrad* for bomber protection. Some heavy air combat going on. It was a fun game.

  • Try bombing Stalingrad or Moscow. Allies cant possibly cover all 3. My airforce usually stands in Poland or East poland.

  • aahh i see, cool ill try it

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