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Global War 1939 Combat Chart for 12 sided dice

  • Here is a battle chart I plan on using when we play this weekend.

    Did an attack & defense battle board/reference chart that I intend to put in a sheet protector w/attack on front, defense on back. I’ll make up two sets (one for axis, one for allies). When we battle I’ll place them both next to each other (lining up the #'s top & bottom) as you see in the attachment and use it as a battle board. It should print out on two 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper (landscape).

    Please let me know if you see any mistakes (there’s a lot going on in this game). Making it up I think it helped me get familiar with all the different values and units. Maybe it will be a good reference for newcomers like me.

    Edit 8-24-12. Noticed I spelled Defense wrong (twice) LOL. That’s what you get at 4 AM. Please reply if you see anything else off so I can fix it.

    Edit 8-26-12 added ***tac bmr can boost any tank+1 on a 1:1 bases (on bottom of Attack sheet)

    Edit 8-30-12 re-named to include “combat chart” in the down load description, nothing changed in the chart itself.

    Edit 11-18-12 to update damaged battleships now attack/def at 5 or less
    global war 1939a combat chart update.xls

  • Bump to show slight edits

  • Bump for update 5.1 rules:
    Damaged Battleships attack & def at 5 or less

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