Liar(Al Franken), and the lying liar who said it…

  • The fact that the Left largely views Bible-believing conservatives as fools was made evident by the lightly publicized actions of former “Saturday Night Live” writer and current liberal activist, Al Franken. Mr. Franken, who is a Fellow at Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center for Press and Policy at the Kennedy School of Government, recently admitted to sending Attorney General John Ashcroft a phony solicitation to obtain his testimony regarding abstaining from sex until marriage. Mr. Franken lied to Attorney General Ashcroft when he said that Ashcroft’s testimony would be used in a book that he was writing about abstinence-only education. However, it’s clear that Franken planned to use the material in order to mock Ashcroft’s value system.

    That’s the dogcarp calling the sole of the shoe dirty!

  • LJ, I’m disappointed, usually you’re so good about including sources with
    your comments. Is there one, or do we have to go find it ourselves? 😞

  • Daggumit! I had it Copied in Edit and I got distracted….

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    (LJ returns.)

    Be right back…

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    (A longer interval ensues.)

    (LJ returns, excited and out of breath.)

    I’m back. It took longer than I expected…

    SOURCE :

    The above quote is from about 3/4’s the way down the page. Nothing else in the article directly applies to this topic.

  • I knew you’d come through. 😉

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