Questions on how to play Japan

  • TripleA

    did you calculate 2 subs 2 bomber vs carrier 2 fighter? Defender still wins since subs cant hit air and you would expect 1 hit with the sub on the first round leaving the carrier to die to bombers and then the fighters kill the bombers.

    sure I guess it is a win if subs linger and fighters crash n burn. plus the sub bomber thing means you are losing transports everytime you need to take back an island.

  • If you’re not usind DDs I will send subs alone.

    Islands and frasport are not my concern. Anzac will take care of it. And if you dare to split your fleet to take back islands, you’re doomed to be sunk. Usa doesnt need to hold the position in neither pac nor atl if you can sink anything that leaves tokyo bay. Also remember you can easily relocate bombers and that you can use them on land.

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