Historical Boardgames sponsored BATTLE OF THE AGES Tournament

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    WELCOME to the SIGNUP for Historical Board Games’ sponsored BATTLE OF THE AGES Tournament!

    The purpose of the tournament is:
    1. To promote Historical Board Games  (For those who don’t know, Historical Board Games sells stuff like DICE, Plastic unit pieces, boards, any just about any other A&A or war game accessory you can think of.)
    To this end, ALL PLAYERS who WIN AT LEAST 2 GAMES, and play all the way to the end, WILL RECEIVE $5 towards any purchase at Historical Board Games.
    The Grand Winner of the tournament WILL RECEIVE $40.

    2. To promote TripleA
    All games must be done with TripleA, either play-by-forum here, or live in the triplea lobby.

    3. To get people to try NEW BOARD GAMES. 
    Everyone here is here for one thing: Axis & Allies.  We all love it.  There are a multitude of A&A boards, like Classic, Revised, AA50, Global, 1942, etc.  But what many people don’t know about, is that there are many Axis & Allies based boards out there that have been perfected, polished, and balanced over years of work by the TripleA community. 
    Games like New World Order (Same rules as a A&A Revised, but using a board that only covers the European theater of war during World War II), have been played for more than 5 years, and balanced in over 10,000 games, to a point of perfection that can only be reached by something that is constantly tweaked and fixed by its creators.

    How the Tournament will work:
    This tournament will be a modified Swiss style tournament, where each win gets you 2 points, and each draw gets you 1 point, and each loss gets you zero points. 
    Players will be paired up with opponents of a similar level to themselves, based on the number of points they have. 
    Players will not play the same opponent twice, unless it is required during the final round.
    There will be 5-6 rounds of play.  Goal is 32 players total. 
    The first 2 rounds will be organized at the beginning, and will happen concurrently.  When the 1st round is finished, the 3rd round will get started.  When the 2nd round is finished, the 4th round will get started.
    This way, all players will be playing 2 games at a time.  This will hopefully speed things up considerably.

    Each round will have a different map/game.  The games to be played are:
    1.  Napoleonic Empires (the 1v1, non-political version) [1800 - 1850]
    2.  New World Order  [world war 2]
    3.  270BC  [rome vs carthage]
    4.  Great War  [world war 1]
    5.  Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth  [fantasy]
    (Optional Tiebreaker round if needed: Total World War)

    1. Veqryn, Gargantua, and coachofmany, are in charge of this tournament.  If you have questions or need rulings, direct them to us!

    2. No teams.  All games are 1v1.

    3. All players who are participating must make an account at Historical Board Game’s website: http://www.historicalboardgaming.com/register.asp?cg=0
    This is so that you can receive your prize money at the end of the tourney.  (This is mandatory, even if you plan on losing all your games)

    4. The Tourney is Swiss style, noone is eliminated.  Any players who play ALL 5 rounds AND Win at least 2 games, will receive $5 on Historical Board Games.

    5. The Grand Winner of the Tournament will receive $40 on Historical Board Games.
    (You have to cover your own shipping costs if it goes over your prize amount)

    6. Because everyone is new to most of these games, rulings will be based on a “Common Sense” approach, and will not be very strict.  Everyone should post regularly, like at least several times per week unless you notify everyone you are on a holiday or something.

    7. Games will be played in the A&A forum, unless both players agree to play the game live on the lobby, or by email (please post the result save when the game is over).  All games will use the DEFAULT rules in TripleA, unless both players agree.  (So for example, Great War is dice, while New World Order is low luck)

    We will start either when we reach 32 people, or within 3 weeks, whichever comes first!

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    Apparently I am not allowed to edit my post to fix the broken links.

    Historical Board Games:

    Link for registering at HBG:


    1. Veqryn
    2. Gargantua

    The Napoleonic Wars:

    New World Order:


    Great War:

    Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth

    And for anyone who thinks that I am super experienced at these, I warn you that I have only played 1 of these 6 maps.  I haven’t played the others at all.  So this is going to be a new experience for all of us!

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    A big thanks to Historical Board Gaming on this…

    I’ve personally dropped $300 on pieces from his site, all of which are of incredible quality and manufacture.  Coach of many makes the units etc HIMSELF, and he’s support our gaming, so let’s support his business!

    All of the aforementioned games are WORTH playing aswell, and hours have been spent creating them for TripleA, you’ve got to check them out!

    Remember! We will start either when we reach 32 people,  Make sure you don’t miss out!

    I am not entering V… 😉  Just promoting!  HBG deserves that from me.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Official game titles will be

    BOTA (game type)  PersonA vs PersonB

  • I couldn’t pass this up 🙂 sign me up

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10


    Or I’m starting the DRAFT.

  • this looks awesome, sign me up too.

  • Count me in good sirs, count me in.

  • The Bommel signs up too. Time to get some scars on the non-NWO maps ; p

  • hi veq,

    nice organization, count me in.

    gl hf guys

  • im in too if thats ok,

    also I wanna donate any money won by me to trippleA


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    So far everyone’s coming from the TripleA lobby.

    Are the A&A.org players scared?

    comon guys, this is going to be fun as hell!

  • TripleA

    NWO is going to be stacked deep with experienced players assuming you get some of the triplea lobby to enter.

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    i think most players in here will only know 1 or 2 of the 5 maps, which means that since this is not an elimination tourney, everyone still stands a pretty good chance of winning.

    regardless, we have the $5 prize for anyone who wins 2 games, and plays all 5 games

    and hell, even if you think you are the worst player ever, this tournament is for fun

    join, and a have a totally new experience!

  • TripleA

    So everyone has to play every map? Then whoever wins the most games takes it?

    I am still a little confused as how this works.

  • TripleA

    I played all these maps, I am horrible at NWO, mostly because it is a really long game, even on the lobby… it is longer than global.

    The rest are faster games.

  • Sign me in!

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    So everyone has to play every map? Then whoever wins the most games takes it?
    I am still a little confused as how this works.


    Everyone plays every map. 
    You get 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.

    At the end of the tourney, the person with the most points wins the tournament.

    If there are 2 people tied for 1st somehow (which is technically impossible after 6 rounds), then we run a tiebreaker round for those two.  (participation in tiebreaker round is optional for everyone but the 2 front-runners)

  • '17 '16 '15 '12

    would not want to miss any game where the ancient era features. I am in, wholeheartedly.

  • I’m in , Dima on TripleA

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    cow, you in or not?

  • Brilliant, I’m in !

  • Count me in.  Finally.

  • After personal invitation I guess I have no chance to stay out.

    I am in.


  • TripleA

    I think I will pass on this, but it did get me interested in buying some marines for my aa50 game. Possibly some other stuff.

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