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    The current alpha 3 rules for convoy raiding are not that great, in my opinion. They do not fit with the rules of strategic bombing which is also a type of economic attack. For example:

    1. In strategic bombing, the higher number you roll, the better. In A3 convoy raiding, you don’t want to roll higher than a 3.
    2. In strategic bombing, there is a risk of losing planes from AA fire each time you try it. In A3 convoy raiding, there is no risk. You just roll and see how much hurt you do.
    3. In strategic bombing, only bombers (or tactical bombers if you have them) can do it. In A3 convoy raiding, all surface warships and carrier based aircraft can do it. Some you roll 2 dice and some you roll one die.
    4. In strategic bombing, the damage is immediately applied to the IC bombed. In A3 convoy raiding, the damage has to be remembered and subtracted from your income collected.

    Most of this is needless and only complicates and subtracts from the enjoyment of the game, IMO.


    • ONLY Submarines have the ability to attack the economy of enemy nations by attacking convoys.  
    • Convoy symbols can be found in different sea zones on the world map. Each convoy symbol has a small roundel on it that identifies what nation the convoy belongs to.  
    • There are three conditions that must exist for a convoy attack to occur:
    1. The sea zone must have a “Convoy symbol” image.
    2. The sea zone must be adjacent to one or more enemy controlled islands or territories,
    unless it is printed as “Linked to…” a specific sea zone or area of the world.  
    3. At least one of your subs must be within or be moved into the sea zone during your combat phase, and the intent to attack the convoy must be declared.
    4. Roll one die per attacking sub in the zone and add. The convoy owner now must pay
    one of the following amounts, whichever is less:  
    a: the total amount of sub damage done. (dice roll total)
    b: the cap amount for that zone. (Each convoy zone has a yellow “cap” number printed on it.)  
    😄 the total economic value of the territories the convoy owner owns that are adjoined or “linked to” that convoy zone.
    5. ASW reprisal: Each convoy is assumed to have escorts guarding it. These escorts
    can now try to search for and depth charge the evading sub(s). The defender rolls one die for every enemy sub that attacked. For every “1” rolled, the attacker loses a submarine.  
    • If an enemy destroyer from any enemy nation is in a convoy zone, no convoy raiding can be done there.  
    • Only one convoy raid can be done per zone per turn.  
    • Once a Sub does a convoy attack, its move ends in that zone.
    • When territories change hands, it makes it possible to do a Reverse convoy raid in a convoy zone. Say the USA player takes over the Philippines. Japan can now Convoy Raid the USA player in the sea zone around the Philippines.

    Here a Japanese sub has moved into a US convoy zone. Japan rolls a “5” - the most the USA has to pay is the cap number, however, which is 4 IPCs.

    The USA pays the bank 4 IPCs immediately. The USA then rolls one die for ASW reprisal. USA rolls a “3” - miss. Done.

    In this pic there are two USA subs in a Japanese convoy zone. However, there is a Japanese DD there so no convoy raiding can happen. Â

    This zone is printed as “Linked east” - this means if all British holdings are taken in the East, this zone shuts down.


    Here a German sub is in a USSR covoy zone, but since the Germans have taken over Karelia, the most damage the sub can do is reduced to 2. Â

    This system I believe:
    1. Is simpler - only subs can do the raiding and this emphasizes their role
    2. Is self-limiting - as with bombing raids, there is a 1/6 chance you will lose a sub doing a convoy raid. “Everything is sweetened by risk”
    3. Is easier to apply damage - it is done immediately and doesn’t have to be written down or remembered.  
    4. Mirrors strategic bombing better as an economic attack.

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    This is more complicated than the current system!


  • '16 '15 '14 Customizer

    Dang - back to the lab then…

  • I prefer complicated system…with real cargo ship on the gameboard.

  • its easiest to just subtract the convoy raid out of the ipc income on the chart than having to do it when they collect income. you take one ipc off for every enemy ship in you convoys up to the max value of the territorys.

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