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Fleet auxiliary scenario (WAS)

  • This scenario tries to imitate the roles Auxiliaries had with fleets they accompanied and supplied/fueled the fleet making them very vital.

    Consider this a Auxiliary Battlefield condition that takes effect throughout the game:

    A ship within 3 spaces of a friendly auxiliary MAY, reduce its slow effect by 1 (for example if the ship is slow 1 it now doesnt have slow or if its slow 2 its now slow 1 it cannot increase its speed past 2 with this SA).

    A ship within 3 spaces of a friendly auxiliary MAY, reroll a gunnery attack die while making an attack (for example I roll 6 dice making a gunnery or AA attack 1 of them miss so I reroll the die that missed for that attack).

    Each auxiliary ship can contribute 1 of these SA’s once per turn.

    Also a part of the battlefield condition is the negatives that occur if you don’t have auxiliaries present :

    If no friendly auxiliaries are present on the map ships now have slow +1 (example if you were slow 1 before your now slow 2 if you weren’t slow your now slow 1)

    If no friendly auxiliaries are present on the map ships must reroll a successful attack die during a gunnery or AA attack once per turn per ship.

    If no friendly auxiliaries are present on the map aircraft when returning to the landbase or carrier must roll a die on a result of 1 they get + 1 rearming tokens added to them.

    You can play this in whatever point format you desire and can have as many auxiliaries as you wish (OOB format is recommended though not needed).

    If nothing else I think there would be extra strategy from this with the way you would have to maneuver and coordinate your fleet.

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    i like it

  • Yeah im trying to get the effects added to a Malta naval base card for the next team poseidon set.  Giving a boost to aux’s would be good for the game.

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