• Having played only Revised for the last eight or so years, I’m a little behind. Just picked up 1942 2nd Edition last week, and noticed it was a lot harder to make a successful attack on PH. Near as I can tell, the following can make it to sz 53:

    Sub from sz 44
    Cruiser/CV from sz 50
    FIG from E. Indies Fleet (will land on Caroline CV)
    FIG from Japan (also lands on Caroline CV)
    BOM from Japan (lands on Wake?)
    FIG from Caroline CV (will land on E. Indies CV when it moves to sz 49)

    Enough to sink the American fleet, not enough to survive America’s counter attack (BB, DD, 2 FIG, BOM vs. Cruiser, CV, 2 FIGs).

    Is there any way to make the attack work? And if not, how does one combat the American fleet? (BB, 2x DD, sub, CV, et. al.)

    This noob gladly thanks you in advance!

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    I would not bother. Let them come after you. Go West instead. Make a Factory and grab the 3 Chinese territories and Burma.

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    I agree. Japan has to commit too much to hit SZ 53 and will probably lose it all in the US counterattack. You would be leaving yourself terribly depleted in navy and possibly not have enough to protect your valuable transports.
    Also, I noticed your attack depends on one of your Jap fighters landing on the carrier from the East Indies sea zone after it moves to SZ 49. Problem is, depending on what UK does you may not HAVE that carrier, which would mean one less fighter to hit the Americans with. So far, I have played 2 games of '42 2e and in both games, UK went all out and hit the East Indies task force. Both times my Jap carrier was sunk; in the first game, the UK lost miserably and Japan survived with 1 fighter and the battleship. In the second game, UK won the battle killing both fighters and sinking the carrier and battleship.
    Like Wittmann said, deal with the Brits and grab up some territory to increase your income while building some new naval units to consolidate your fleet and let the Americans come after you. Most of your units, except for subs, do better on defense anyway.

  • in ALL 4 2nd Ed games i’ve played, fleet consolidation plus an extra battleship means naval supremacy for Japan starting round 2.

  • This helps a lot, thanks!

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