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National Advantages, National Objectives, and Technology in '42 2e

  • How can we best incorporate these rules in '42 2e??

  • working on it

  • Would prefer this not happen officially…think 42.2 is fine without it.

  • thanks Oz. and i agree it should be optional perhaps, but isn’t EVERY rule optional really lol?

  • Im working on a 3 tiered House Rule system, that players can work their way up to and increase the complexity of a game:

    DEFCON 3 (simple additions that change how the board works)

    • Straits (Denmark and Gibraltar)
    • Scramble (victory cities can scramble 1 plane)
    • Capital Ship repair (battleships have to move to a victory city to repair)

    DEFCON 2 (moderate additions that change how economics works, and some units)

    • National Objectives (3 IPCs per objective)
    • Raiding (National Objective bonuses susceptible to naval interdiction)
    • Carriers as capital ships (2 hits as 1940, 16 IPCs)
    • AAA + ART = Coastal Defense

    DEFCON 1 (major additions that drastically change the game)

    • National Advantages
    • Technology
    • Alternative Setups (1942+, 1941, etc)

  • sounds very promising!

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