• So AA50 plays very well OOB and is fairly balanced, so it probably shouldn’t be tinkered with….

    …BUT perhaps some of the changes introduced in 1942 2e could potentially improve AA50? I can think of a couple:

    • Starting IC in India?

    • The new Anti Air Artillery piece (and the general AA changes)?

    • Australian IC (From 1941)?

    I’m just thinking a few years from now, when we are all used to the new rules, perhaps AA50 will begin to feel dated, and thus start to fade, and that makes me sad  😐

    Would it be worth the effort?
    Is it sacrilege?

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    It is sacrilege. Shame on you. Go say 10 Hail Marys and straight to bed without any supper: you naughty boy
    I would not touch Anniversary. I love it.

  • AA50 is a great game, but……

    I agree there is room for some of the new rules that have come out since its release.

    Some stuff we have tinkered with or thought about (some borrowed from others)

    1. Using the straight rules from G40 (we like this a lot)
    2. Using the AAA gun/rules from 1942SE (Alpha+3), and ICs have built in AA.
    3. 6 IPC tanks
    4. BB still takes 2 hits, but auto repairs at the beginning of its next turn (not end of combat).

    Others that are more game changing

    1. Placing an IC on India at set-up, or allowing the UK player to place an IC on any 2+ IPC tt for free (maybe at the end of his turn so he can’t mobilize turn 1). Similar to NA from revised (makes each game a little different), axis may need a compensation bid.
      6a) Limit production for IC on islands (maybe at 2 units). East Indies/Borneo look awfully strange producing 4 units after no island ICs w/G40.
      6b) Lower ICs to 12 IPCs, to compromise 6a (or just because).
    2. Tac bombers & mech?
      8a) IC allows 1 ftr to scramble from coastal tt, or island (makes 6a easier to swallow, but ICs should probably stay at 15 IPCs).
      8b) With only one ftr scramble, maybe allow scramble to land territories. That would change a few things.

  • I’m thinking of doing this as well. For the sake of a bit of consistency in the rules between games.
    And, I like the new rules, but I can’t justify purchasing this game when I already have AA50. They seem like the same level of game.
    Btween the new 41, and G40
    Plus AA50 gives you the option for tech and N.O.'s, as well as China and Italy.

    So adopting some of the new rules into AA50 seems like the best of both worlds.

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