• The first map in 1984 was horrible because the face of europe (Portugal) was bad drawn.

    Latelly that was corrected.


    Portugal is completely wrongly drawn!

  • Its not drawn wrong, it’s not drawn in at all. Spain/Port are one blended tt, just like Bulgaria/Romania. There is really no reason to have it be separate because you can’t attack the neuts anyway. G40 had it because you could attack the neutrals (well sorta).

  • It looks like a 5 year old tried to draw the US, Michigan was butchered lol

  • I am talking about the portuguese coast line, its completely wong


    I am talking about the portuguese coast line, its completely wong

    Yes. And as we also can see from the board, the world is not round but flat and if you try to reach the supposed ‘poles’ you’ll drop off the board and die.

    Seriously, after 25 years of Portugal being a part of Spain on all A&A maps until Europe 40 came out you’re complaining that it is badly drawn? Well, join all the other countries who have been complaining about their borders since the first game came out 😄

  • '20 '18 '16 '13 '12

    Vancouver island is part of the USA!
    Saudi Arabia has a nipple!
    Java and Sumatra are joined!
    Sumatra has a massive peninsula that doesnt exist!
    Sakhalin Island is totally fucked or non-existent.
    Moscow is north of the Caspian!
    The Sinai is part of Trans Jordan!
    They mixed up Bolivia and Peru!
    Mongolia looks like a turd!
    South Africa is North of Patagonia!
    Norway Looks like a Penis!
    Finland looks like balls!
    Sweden looks like gonhorea!

    Come on guys this is fun!

    Tranquilo amigo, todos os lugares sao feios!

  • TripleA

    The axis didn’t win ww2, japan never went to moscow or africa. Complaining about the world map… in an alternate universe game.

  • Don’t forget the political situation at the time is totally screwed up to… Turkey did, in the end declare war, on Germany, Italy did too and declared war on Japan, Russia and Japan agreed not to attack each other till 1946, Japan recruited troops from Allied control India.

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