We sure played A&A '86 alot!

  • I broke out my good ol’ A&A second edition from 1986 this evening for some memories and laughed at the condition of some of the bits.  My buddy got his A&A in 1984 but I didn’t get mine until 1986 (I was 14).  We played the hell out of that game over the years.  We fought WWII on that board hundreds and hundreds of times and it shows…especially the money and manual.  I took some pictures of them tonight just for chuckles.  You see the wear in the pictures if you look closely but it’s very apparent in person.  The one’s especially show use with cracks along the edges and all the bills feel brittle comared to a normal set.  The first two pictures show an unopened stack of bills at the top and a slightly used set on the left for comparison to the well used set on the right:

    And here is a shot of a 1984 manual on the left that was hardly used compared to my 1986 set on the right.  Notice how much darker the 1986 one is from being thumbed through so many times over the years.

    An extra set of combat units in all five colors cost 10 bucks and you had to write a letter to MB to get them!  The 1984 rules didn’t offer any additional pieces.  Ahhhh….memories.

  • '16 '15 '14 Customizer

    I think I remember writing one of those letters. I remember how the old rulebook used to finish almost every paragraph with an exclamation point.

    “Use chips as combat force substitutes whenever you want to save space!”

  • Yes, it was an excited manual!  😄

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