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    Has anyone experimented with a Japanese pacific  island perimeter defence strategy?

    For starters, Japan has used her sneak attack.

    In an on-going game of global '39, as the Japanese player I have managed to sieze Wake, Guam, Honolulo, the Johnston Islands, the Solomons, and all of New Guinea. Manila has fallen. Most of the Dutch East Indies are in Japanese hands.

    It’s turn six, Italy is up. The Axis hold eight Allied victory cities and are close to taking out FEC and getting Moscow, and Stalingrad (though the Soviets have Improved Industry and will offer stiff resistance from here on in I believe). China has been over-run. Novosibirsk has fallen.

    If we get the Soviet cities, take Sydney and hold everything throughout turn ten it’s game over. If we miss ten, we hunker down to fifteen.

    I do not want to invade the U.S. I want to fortify Honolulu using SNLF, fortifications, fighters and regular infantry with a naval defence consisting of two carriers (full compliment of fighters/tactical bombers), two battleships, two cruisers and a large destroyer screen. Midway will be taken next turn and garrisoned. Johnston is already defended with two infantry with more on the way plus fighters. I intend to take the Gilberts. Japan has enough transports, infantry and income to build this “Pacific wall” and also crush Sydney for the win.

    The point of the strategy is to deny the U.S. any access whatsover to the Pacific. No safe ports of call. Even if they destroy the imperial navy around Honolulu they will be subjected to attacks from land-based fighters from the islands (some of which will feature new airfields and/or naval bases) and bombers as well as the remaining Japanese navy (which is quite substantial). Attacking the U.S. directly looks to be much too daunting given the builds the U.S. player has made on the west coast.

    Germany is in no position to launch any amphibious operations from the east FYI.

    Honestly, I believe the game is already lost to the Allies, but I thought this before when the situation was similar and was treated to a rude shock.


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    While thinking on this more, this strategy would be really effective using the Radar option 1, Minefields (either oprtion), and Naval mines (either) optional rules. The use of these optional rules would make it a lot harder for the allied player(s) to “bypass” Japanese held islands in the Pacific.

    The islands may gain a much greater strategic importance and many of the historic battles (Midway, Tarawa, Wake etc.) might end up being played out.

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