• Hello everyone,

    Im in a bit of a pickle. About a couple of months ago I was going to buy my own copy of axis and allies. I looked everywhere for a copy of anniversary and couldn’t find it. I then started my search for europe 1940. Once again I couldnt find a copy any where. So I finally settled on getting a standard copy of 1942. I was just about to click “BUY” when I noticed that a 2nd edition was being made. This got me very excited and decided to wait out until it was released.

    And here I am now. Ive read up on the 2nd edition and im getting mixed feelings. Forums saying that they feel cheated because of the price and that its in favour of the axis along with money cut-backs on things like plastic factorys and that theres no tech upgrading.

    Should i Buy the 2nd edition or the good old 1942 ?

    Many thanks


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    if you’re pretty new to the game I would get either the first 1942 or the new 1941. Both are simpler and smaller.

    If you’ve played before, the second edition is bigger and a little more complex. You may want to try it.

    Plus, for 20-25 bucks, it’s not a bad idea to just get the first 1942 for the pieces.

    Don’t want to get into too much without knowing your experience level.

  • Id say im an experienced novice. Ive played the very first aaa a couple of times but ive mainly played aaa 50. i lost about 3 out of the 10 games ive played.

    I just dont want to get sold out i want to get the best one for my money.

    I like the new rules and the size of the new board but im not happy about the cardboard factorys and that theres no tech enhancement =(

    theres still economy income level right ??

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    Maybe you should try buying a copy of AA50 from someone on this site.  Some bought several copies when it came out, knowing it was limited edition.

    I only bought one, and I wouldn’t sell it hundreds of dollars…  sorry
    Someone else might.

    AA50 is very nice.  It’s the last game to have plastic AA guns and factories and paper money, apparently.  It’s also the first to have black German pieces…  and then there’s the art on the 8 boxes that hold the pieces…  yeah it’s a real winner

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    Go with 2nd. No question about it, especially since your fond of AA50. Neitither 1942 comes with tech or money. 1st edition does come with plastic complexes though.

    Btw black German pieces were introduced with Battle of the Bulge. Som later copies of Revised even comes with black Germans.

    AA50 is really the gold standard for A&A. It’s just solid all around IMHO.

  • If i wasnt so expensive and so rare id love to own a copy of a&a 50. My friend has a copy and i keep nagging him to sell it to me, but i know he wont part with it.

    I was thinking if i brought 2nd would i be able to add in  tech, plastic factorys and aa guns ? or would that make the game unbalanced ?

    I have found a site where i can buy the plastic factorys and aa guns along with the original money.

    I just really wanna get the best version when it comes down to 1942 and 2nd

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    Many people play with house rules. If you want Tech, play with it. I did not buy 1st Edit, as Anniversary had just come out and I got that first. Do have 2nd Edit and everyone is saying to buy that, so go with their advice. I do not mind it and I needed the AA units for Global as the Alpha revised rules have made cardboard ones useless. Maybe your friend would swap his game with you for a weekend and you could sever all contact! I joke. He might swap for a short time.

  • I just got 1942 2nd edition and it is nice. Wish it had money and piece trays but other than that it is a really good game. Go with 2nd edition you will like it.

  • Thanks guys, its settled then i shall buy a copy of 1942 2nd and get some extra bits and pieces to make it feel like it should of been in the first place 😃

    feel free to keep commenting on this topic 😃

  • wait until september then buy the 2nd editions of both europe and pacific for the ultimate axis and allies experience

  • I have the G40 games and they are cool, but takes a time investment to play. I also have AA50 and wouldn’t even consider selling it, although it’s been a while since we’ve played it. I think AA50 is probably the best all around game and will most likely house rule some of the G40 stuff into it to see how things go.

    I just bought both the new 1941 & 1942 (second addition) games over the weekend. We played 1941 first, and it was a very different experience. This game is very simplistic, but that in itself actually adds a whole new level of complication. You have to manage your very limited budget which is harder then you would think. We only played it once, and probably won’t play it again unless we have a new player, or just want a quicker game. One of the guys are borrowing it though to break in a couple newbies.

    The new 1942 is pretty cool, and the map (territories & sea zones) are not too for off from Anniversary. The first game was a landslide win for the axis. The second game is more of a challenge. I think the axis will win again, but Moscow has been a blood bath. Japan owns most of the Pac, and has also been pestering Russia. The allies are figuring some stuff out though so I think the game will be more balanced then ppl are saying. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this version, but it is an uphill battle for the allies.

  • Heh, so if theres no actual ipc paper money, what do you use?  I saw a pic of ipc chips somewhere on this site, is that it?

    Me and my roomate have only played a&a revised, and want to pick this one up.

    cardboard IC’s are lame :[

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    It makes moo sad that not everyone can enjoy the aa50 experience in a face to face game. 😞

    I prefer revised, but I haven’t given this a shot. Revised was setup to be aggressive. Not very realistic for japan to make ICs and churn out tanks to take russia, but it is much more fun to take japan to fight on for Moscow while usa/uk/russia work on berlin.

    AA50 works out like that as well.

    Since that experience has been set already, Larry Harris is trying to get people to do a more realistic approach to WWII… one that involves the allies in the pacific and japan to fight for the islands.

    If you are going to get a 1942 board, get revised (which does not have cruisers) or get this 2nd edition. Do not get the middle child (because transports don’t defend themselves you will find a less aggressive game, which is not as fun).

    However in this version, there are two landing spots for the allies on western europe instead of one. So the transports not defending themselves will not be as heavy of an issue, because usa/uk can stack up together if they can’t crack western europe individually. So an aggressive strategy is viable, just like AA50.

  • Hello dislikednickel,

    On the subject on money, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and click the link on the bottom right corner, it takes you to a website where you can buy bits and bobs for all the axis and allies games. I’ll shall be buying some plastic factorys as im not fond of these new cardboard ones. Hope this helps.


  • Unless anyone really has any other advice on which game to buy then tomorrow im going to buy a copy of 1942 2nd edition.

    Does anyone know how many cardboard factorys come in the box as i want to replace them with some plastic ones.

  • Some ppl use poker chips, or Monopoly $ if you don’t have older AA games

  • @Cromwell_Dude:

    I am refraining from buying the 2nd Edition until I read more reviews on this website.

    if you are like me and can’t afford AA50 ($500!!), this is the best option.

  • I buy every board game with an Axis and Allies logo. But I do like the paper money from HBG alot more than the stock stuff.

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    Hi Cromwell. I have had it a week and bought it because I do not have the 1st Ed and am still waiting on my 41, prematurely ordered from US when I could have had it from Amazon UK already! I like the map, but after years of 1940 and all the rules changes should be a refreshing change. Might even finish a game!
    Have 2 new prospective players and after 2 or 3 games of 41, can offer them this.

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    Many people play with house rules.

    You could even say that there are actually some people who play with the official rules.

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    I thought I was the only one!

  • @CWO:


    Many people play with house rules.

    You could even say that there are actually some people who play with the official rules.

    I play atleast 3 games using the official rules, checking the rulebook every step of the way. Just to learn the rules before I even think about house rules

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    no question 2nd edition, larger map and new pieces, updated rules

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    Hi Cromwell. Glad you got it. Never got the 1st, but Japan is weaker in this one are they? They look good to go to me, even with the loss of the Carrier and BB on UK1. I started a game, which I will finish next time my friend visits(2 weeks), am hopeful Japan can cause mayhem.

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    I’ve ordered both from Field Marshal Games and they’re in the mail! I should get them Monday unless UPS delivers on Saturdays. Can’t wait!

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