• So i hear industrial complexes now have built in AA guns? do they shoot once at all attacking bombers and fighters along with the new AAA units? it seems like an airplanes will be getting shot down left and right if this is the case  😢

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    IC have built in AA which only fires at Bombers that SBR them. One shot per Bomber, not fighter. Only Intercepting Fighters can shoot down escorting Fighters. Once one round of interception is done(if any) the Fighters fly back.
    The new AA units only shoot at Air units attacking combat units in a territory.

  • Interceptors is an optional rules as well.

    We found in the 2 games played, SBR just isn’t really worth it all that much - it is one thing if you have to spend the money to put an AA on the board for a new complex - its another when its included free…


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    I only ever use Bombers as long range Navy killers or against territories without AA.
    Nothing more annoying than having one shot down when your opponent rolls a “1”.
    And if he doesn’t, you are guaranteed to roll 1 damage!

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