Sea Zone 8

  • Is SZ 8 supposed to touch both France and Northwestern Europe?

    Seems a little strange that the US can shuck from Eastern Canada (via SZ 10) over to SZ 8, and hit both of Germany’s D-Day spots.

    Its great that Germany has to defend two spots on the coast now, but it would be better if US transports needed to be much closer to the action to threaten both of the territories.

  • Well spotted! Personally, considering the gap is so small, I think it’s a mistake and the border between SZ 8 and SZ 6 should meet exactly with the border of France and Northwestern Europe (so troops from Eastern Canada can only amphibious assault France and not WE). It’s something that certainly needs to be clarified officially though and in the meantime it’s worth mentioning to anyone you play with to confirm a ruling one way or the other before choosing sides. If you compare this with similar spots on the board, in the majority of cases the SZ borders meet exactly with the territory borders on the coast e.g. the border between SZ 14 and 15 meets both the borders between France & Italy, and Algeria & Libya. However, there are certain areas on the board where a sea zone border hits land part-way along a territory’s coastline, but it’s much more clear that that is how it’s supposed to be e.g. the border between SZ 11 and SZ 18 meeting the coast of East Mexico, or the border between SZ 33 and SZ 34 meeting the coast of Italian East Africa.

    Of course if we get official confirmation that SZ8 is meant to be adjactent to Northwestern Europe then that’s fine but it just doesn’t seem quite right to me.

  • Official Q&A

    The map is correct.  Sea zone 8 touches Northwestern Europe.

  • Thanks Krieg, next time urge larry to make the SZ lines connect to land territories closer to their center to avoid ambiguities.

    Also, what happened to the northwestern islands in the soloman islands group, they are all filled with water.  :?

  • Thanks for the quick response and clarification. That certainly makes things a bit more interesting when choosing where to attack Germany.

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