Regular A&A players getting into Global War

  • Hey Everyone,

    As a long time A&A fan, its to my great surprise that I stumbled upon this board and to the Global War 1939 Map and subsequent module here. I’m thinking about buying the map and playing the game with my friends but I’d like to kindly ask for some help from the people here to help me make up my mind and assuage or realize concerns.

    To give some background, me and my friends have played A&A on and off for over 6 years now. Our most recent venture was into Global 1940. My attention into the board game has mostly been greater than the others. In any case, I looked at the setup charts and the “rulebook” for 5.0 that’s been posted on BGG and I find the information…  extremely complex and massive. Being one of the more historically knowledgeable people in the group, I appreciate all the minute details the designers have thrown in… but as a player the game is HUGE!!

    My gaming group is normally composed of 4 people (maybe 3 but not for Global games) who are absolute veterans of A&A1940 Global. Normally I find calculating all the possible paths fighters/bombers could destroy my fleet in the P1940 stressful. I can’t imagine how much time / micromanagement it would take to play with with 6 people’s worth of units. Of course, playing as Russia is normally less attention draining than playing as Japan/US with fleet/air unit positioning.

    The second concern I have is the mass of new exceptions compared to G1940: “fortifications, divebombers, naval bombers, veteran units for every side, Special units, etc.” How do you guys normally represent all these unique units?

    Essentially, I want to buy the map and play this game but it looks too complex for people below Hearts of Iron level micro. I’m afraid my group would be stuck looking up rules upon rules for most games instead of enjoying the planning/gameplay; thereby turning me and my friend’s interests away. To those of you that have played it, how does it seem?

    Also, it seems like it might take a year to play :P

  • Not a year but a weekend.
    i mean if you start on friday afternoon and reduce your sleep to 4 hours a day ;)
    have fun

  • Doesn’t it state in the rules that it can take maximum 15 rounds? If the axis don’t have their objectives by then, the Allies win?

    I have this game at home but I’ven ever played it… I set up the board already and I’m using the D6 variant setup without all the extra special units etc. I think this way it eases up game play a lot. (only the fortifications are there but I use cardboard aa guns etc and turn them upside down).

    I think your concerns are correct. I don’t think it was ever the intention of the creator to make this map less complex then G40. I really hope I can get to play this game soon lol…

  • '20 '19 '18 '16 '15 '11 '10

    Agree with Yoshitako,

    Look to spend a weekend with Global '39. And get lots of sleep in advance.

    As for the rules, pieces etc., it’s no sweat once you get familiar.  I took a hi-lighter to the rules and made notes/references to make  looking things up in game easier. Make sure you have the necessary pieces though. HBG has pretty much everything you need if you are short. I have spent a lot of time putting the game together in terms of aquiring/painting those veteran pieces you mentioned. In fact, Global '39 is a hobby for myself and the other players. We are constantly introducing new pieces or customized pieces. The markers and rules from HBG are really cool as well. This weekend we’ll be trying out the rail markers and rules.

    Oh, and get, or make, a 12d battleboard–if you are going to play witht he 12d rules (some folks on here are trying out the 6d, our group has not). We also made a custom IPC chart large enough to hold all the roundels for the different nations (no more trying to squeeze three or four roundels on a number).

    Make sure you make time in advace for set-up. The group I play with is having a game this weekend (starting tonight) and the map is already set up. I cannot stress enough how much this helps in terms of time. Of course, you may have people who want to set up their country(ies) themselves or just before the game. We came to the conclusion that the host can do it for everyone if they wish to. When I host, one of my buddies comes by a day or two before just for setting up.

    If you are playing as the Axis, get your head around the first turn German two impulse attack and the (before turn eight) Japanese sneak attack. Having a plan for Germany’s first turn makes things go faster.

    Playing as the Allies can seem a bit overwhelming at first but I’ve done it and it’s a blast. After the first go it got easier and you find out fast that there are A LOT of strategic and tactical options as the Allies (and a lot more room to make mistakes and corrections without losing the game).

    Overall, this is my favourite A and A variant to date. It’s well worth the investment of time and money if A and A is your thing. My advice is to dive right in and enjoy yourself(ves).

  • '14


    I think when I set out to make this game, with help of course, I did not think about time restraints. I also thought that whoever bought and played this game were going to be history “NUTS” and wouldn’t mind all the rules! I set out to make a A&A game that was as close to Hearts of Iron as possible. I have played 39 only 3 times and 2 of those times I drove over 500 miles to Coach’s house. We usually don’t get past turn 10 but I have to say I love this game.
      Remember, this game was made up of over 23 of house rules. So if you don’t like something take it out and try to simplify the game at first. Add rules as you go and follow what Koba said and Highlight and read, then read the rules again……Then read again…and again…well you get the picture. If you have any questions please feel free to ask on the forum or PM me .


  • I bought just the map 2 weeks ago… IT IS HUGE!!! i love it…  I have 5 sets of A&A and have been playing since the first version.  I don’t have the set to play global war but I just use all the pieces I have from all my sets I already own.    I have been playing a cold war mod too on the same board.  USSR and china VS USA Nato and UK.  Yes the games take a long time and it can be hard to find people to play but i love it and have a great time playing.  It makes the cardboard things that you get with the standard game look like garbage. Ill never play A&A on any other board…  If you need special units i just use a can of Montana hardcore to spray paint it another color.

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