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Adapting National Objectives for 1942

  • The game hasn’t even come out yet and I already have ideas flowing through my head.

    For the time being, “Raiding” as a concept, would also be included with these rules, and would ONLY effect an enemy power’s NO bonus cash.
    The rule being:

    “Convoy Raiding - If an enemy combat naval unit borders a territory named in one of your National Objectives, and you control the territory in question, then collect 1 IPC less from that bonus. In the case multiple territories are bordered by hostile naval units, then deduct 1 IPC for each occurrence”

    Soviet Union
    3 IPCs if the Soviet Union controls 3/5 of the following: West Russia, Belorussia, Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine S.S.R. and no Allied units are present in original Soviet territory.
    Theme: Reclamation of occupied Soviet territory.

    3 IPC if the Allies control at least one of the following and control a series of adjacent land territories that links it to Moscow: Archangel, Persia, Soviet Far East
    Theme: Lend lease supplies.

    3 IPCs if Germany controls Norway and Northwestern Europe.
    Theme: Vital iron ore supply from Norway.

    3 IPCs if Germany controls Italy and Southern Europe and any 3/5 of the following: Gibraltar, Egypt, Trans-Jordan, Anglo-Egypt Sudan, Italian East Africa.
    Theme: Support from Italy as it’s empire expands.

    3 IPCs if Germany controls Poland and none of the territories adjacent to Poland contain allied combat units.
    Theme: Living space in the East

    United Kingdom
    3 IPCs if the United Kingdom controls Gibraltar, Egypt, Trans-Jordan, and India.
    Theme: Vital supplies and raw materials move to and from the colonies.

    3 IPCs if the United Kingdom controls Eastern Canada and no German warships are in Sea Zone 9 or adjacent to Sea Zone 9.
    Theme: Vital supplies from Canada, and lend-lease supplies from the United States.

    3 IPCs if Japan controls all of the following: East Indies, Borneo, Philippines.
    Theme: Vital raw materials from territories in the South Pacific.

    3 IPCs if Japan controls India, Eastern Australia, or Hawaiian Islands
    Theme: Control of a western power center in the Pacific.

    3 IPCs if Japan controls Manchuria and Kiangsu and any 3/5 of the following: Burma, Sikang, Szechwan, Anhwei, Yunnan
    Theme: Control of the Central Asian mainland.

    United States
    3 IPCs if the United States controls Eastern Untied States and any three German territories are controlled by the Allies.
    Theme: Supporting the fight in Europe against Germany.

    3 IPCs if the United States controls Western United States and any three Japanese territories are controlled by the Allies.
    Theme: Supporting the fight in the Pacific against Japan.

  • 2018 2016 '13 '12

    Haha, I know how you feel man. I’m pretty excited too.

    I love the Eastern Canada NO for the UK. I would love to add that one to Global '40 to make up for the lack of UK NOs. (we Canucks just don’t get enough credit!)

    But I think if you’re going to open the can of worms that adding NO’s will create, you might just be better off playing Anniversary.

  • 2017 2016 2015 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    yes just call AA42 Global 42

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