Newbie in Germany….. Newbies all around......

  • Alrighty, here’s the deal. My friends and I just started playing A&A. We’ve played it twice, and we all pretty much suck. I’ve won once as Germany, (with dumb luck,) and once as the U.S. (with a large amount of dumb luck. Germany and Japan took Russia in about 7 turns, and I mean all of Russia. Britain and I decided it was time for D-Day, so the Royal Air Force bombed the hell out of western Europe and Germany, and I took it with my transports.) Is that severely weird that the allies won with Russia being knocked out like that?

    Anyway, on to the reason I posted. As soon as we started cleaning up the remaining pieces from last game, we began talking about the next game. Here’s the deal…. Myself and one other player are not allowed to play on the same side, heh heh. Him and myself are the best out of our newbie group. I am going to be Germany next time, he is the U.S. Now, he has a slight advantage over me… He’s the one that owns the game, and he has the opportunity to look at anything whenever. I need help.

    What would you guys do? Let’s see… The U.S. is going to spend all his money in the first round on Tech Upgrades, so I’ll have a bit of an edge as long as he doesn’t succeed in getting them. Also, what should Japan do? Both times Japan has done virtually nothing, because they have concentrated on engaging the U.S. in the Pacific first. That has usually ended in a stalemate till about turn 6, when the U.S. gains the upper hand. Also, in both games Britain has had succees just building up their Air Force and bombing Germany all over.

    My strategy currently consists of placing AA guns in Western Europe and Finland, building up infantry and one transport(the transport and two infantry in Southern Europe,) the first turn, and hitting all the ships I can with my Lutwaffe. The second turn I crank out more infantry and a couple tanks, then hit africa with 2 more infantry and a tank, and move as much as I can spare over into the Ukraine or Eastern Europe, depending on if Russia attacks me or not. Thanks for pointing out improvements and holes in this strategy.

    Also, does anyone know where I can find an online list of where troops start out for each country? I alreay have a map, but don’t know what starts where.

    Thanks, and sorry about this REALLY REALLY long post.

  • Oh, and also, in my last game it was Germany that took Russia, all by itself. I had battled it out with Japan in the Pacific and pretty well disabled him, and Russia had taken his 3 mainland area’s with just his couple troops that start out there. All the Japs ships were gone, and he was making about 11 IPC’s per turn. It was funny…. until Moscow fell to Germany and Japan ran over to the mainland quick… I thought we were toast…

  • Click this link and hit “A & A Initial Setup”. You will need an A & A map.


    Best thing I could find…


    …whups the link didn’t take…well, you know what to do…😁

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  • Your strategy is pretty decent–the Airstrike on the Allied Fleet T1 (turn 1) is a classic move, and trying to roll over USSR with INF and ARM is also pretty classic. A word of warning about AA guns–check out their stats–an AA gun may be captured and gets only 1 attack (at 1) vs. any Aircraft in the attack–one time! Your AA gun in Finland Norway is as good as dead and will be captured by the Allies for later use against YOU! Also your buddies may be deceiving you–Western Europe BEGINS THE GAME with 1 AA gun–don’t build it if its already there: you can’t use 2 at 1 time.

    Naval combat in A&A is very different from land combat–your Japan player needs to learn to protect his/her transports better to have more of an impact. An Industrial complex on the mainland can help a little, but TRs are still your best bet for moving a lot of land units (especially INF) quickly. As in WWII, if Japan’s industries are cut off from the war front by the destruction of her fleet, she is as good as dead.

    Best advice to win: learn to play as your enemies. Get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses so you can predict what they’ll do against you. Then take measures to prevent them from doing so when you’re back in the seat w/ your favorite country.


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