• UK doesn’t start with an ART in the pacific.

    On a related note, is Egypt unsaveable?
    If germany waits till G2, you can move in 3 more INF and a 2nd fighter and play defense in the pacific.

  • If you max defend Egypt from a G2 attack, you end up with Germany winning the battle 66% of the time.
    So, that sucks.

  • If you are going to sack transports, it’s better to get New Guinea and Borneo instead…Best thing to do is save the transports and if you fail in your naval attack…run like hell!

  • Ah, the “borneo gambit” we called it.

    2 INF vs 1 INF for a 4 IPC island.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    With the odds for the sea battle, I would not be inclined to try for Borneo.

    It’s like in Anniversary - you CAN win Pearl Harbor 2 and amphibiously assault Hawaii, heck, I’ve even seen it work (because of a specific bid and where and how it was used.) However, the odds are not with you.

  • @oztea:

    UK doesn’t start with an ART in the pacific.

    LOL, right you are.  I was looking at the setup pictures and not the cards and mistook the new AA piece for an Art.

    Yeah, it does not seem worth it to try and do a two transport attack on the East Indies.

    Using the India transport on Borneo might be worth it, depending on what else is going on.  2Inf vs 1Inf is a gambit, but the 4 IPCs might make it worth it.  Though I would not go for 1 IPC New Guinea with the Australia transport.  While there is no place it can run that Japan can’t get to, depending on where it goes Japan would have to either weaken another attack like Pearl to get it, and/or pull units out of postition to get it.

  • Reason TO sack the transports (I’m not in full support, but if I was feeling froggy, Borneo would be at least one target and here’s why it works, espceially now):
    With the Indies fleet gone, it forces the sub to take out one, and a FTR to take out one transport.  If the UK has any ship left, plus if you move the US Pac fleet to Solomons (and take it) turn 1, you are now in position to PROTECT Borneo w/both fleets (include a US/UK buy for Pac fleet).  Now Japan can try to retake Borneo, but at what cost? They’re down a BB/CV/2FTR at this point, and if UK/US buy Pac fleet, you are now talking about having to take Borneo with remaining Indies UK ships and India buy, which would force you to move almost everything, but then the US could also just move to Iwo, and be in position to off balance Japan.  Or Japan is just going to have to live with being at -4.  You can do this on UK2 if you want, but I would only cough up one CA and have the US in the Solomons protecting a counter.

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